Monday, November 13, 2017

Hemp Healing, Yup, that's right!

My very good friend Valerie, who is in her 60's, has been my holistic, natural medicinal, go to person for nearly ten years. I love her faith, trust her emphatically and have never seen her so excited about anything in the way that she is discovering Hemp based products. Who Knew? I asked her to send to me her advertisement that she is placing in her local newspaper and have purchased one of the products and tested another. Case in point: I had a very bad case of scaly dry, cracked skin on one of my feet, the right foot to be exact. Valerie sent to me two small samples of Hemp based salve to apply. Two days later my foot is virtually back to normal I still have toe fungus on this foot but applying the hemp based salve and now a liquid oil I am see the black yucky crap on my toenails vanish! Here is Valerie's ad...

I will be purchasing more of the products that she is so adamant about...give her a call. 

Got Pain?  
Get CBD’s from organic hemp oil…

Nature’s way of healing the body with “exclusive” standardized hemp products that are
legal in all 50 states.   Pure CBD with no THC available.  Passes all non-doping tests!

Discover all-natural pain relief with CBD oil scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and bring balance (homeostasis) to the entire body. 

Call for more information on product line including Hemp salve, capsules, HempVap, oral applicators, nutritional powder, eye drops, chewing gum, essential oils, and exclusive skin care with Hemp oil.

Independent local distributor:    Call 503-750-9143 to order online
·       Free local educational meetings available to the public
·       New business opportunity available in this area!

$50.00 gift certificate to first 5 customers ordering “Starter Pack”

Thursday, November 2, 2017

ABOUT WOMEN (7000 years rejected)

I had to remove the video, "EVEN IF" by Mercy Me due to copyright issues, duh! (I knew better) However, please watch the video posted below. Thank You
(I was caught off guard by the response to the following:

and to my Mom, I love you always! 

Mercy Me, "EVEN IF"