Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We Need A Little Bit of Cash Help to Pasco

Rick Daviscourt

My wife and I are planning a trip to Pasco, WA to take several items to Rick Daviscourt (Rick when stateside lives in Pasco) which have been donated for the Home for Girls in Peru...


My wife Michele Bonura-Morton, reached out to several ladies
Those ladies purchased a variety of items for the girls along with Michele...Tooth paste, socks, a few bras, lip balm, hair ties and several other items. El Shaddai Ministries is sending 25 bibles in Spanish (Thanks El Shaddai )

We do have a problem that I will need some of you to help with.....Rick will be flying all of this to Peru (including the Bibles) which means he has to pay the extra cost for extra baggage.

Our finances are limited especially making the trip to take all of this to him prior to his return back to~Peru August 12th...

We need a few people to make a contribution to help us not only get it all to him but to help him cover the cost to transport this to Peru. Rick also says that they are in need of undergarments and shoes for the 20 girls...The Bibles are being shipped directly to him in Pasco....

This is the least expensive way to get the items out of country and into Peru

You can help us to do this by making a non tax deductible contribution to my website (http://www.jeffsmorton.com/about/) for the trip road trip to Pasco, WA and to help transport the above mentioned items to Peru. We will pass your contributions on to Rick...

To help with the undergarments and shoes for those who can...please gift directly to Restoring Children International..They need about $600.00 for the shoes and undergarments...Thanks so much for those of you willing to help http://restoringchildren.org/donate/

Thank You👍

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