Monday, July 31, 2017

$500.00~Ought To Do It ?

I will be making a road trip to Pasco, WA to take several items to Rick Daviscourt, I could use a little help.

I understand better the difficulty first hand of raising money to feed and provide for 20 + kids, teenage girls and all of those needs having been to Peru. It is an enormous monthly task.

I would like to be able to hand to Rick $500.00 in order for him to transport several items purchased by several women for the Girls In Peru. At this point, I need about $370.00 additionally in order to see this happen.

The women put together
  • Hair Ties
  • Socks
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • A few bras and other such items
  • Chapstick

Rick also will be transporting 25 Spanish Bibles.
This requires a few additional suitcases and the cost of additional airline baggage. This is why we need to raise the $500.00 (Which I think, in talking with Rick) will take care of the costs. Mr. Daviscourt will bus the additional luggage from Lima to Arequipa, Peru after passing through customs. To ship this material and have it then move through customs is nightmarish both in cost and delay...Who knew? (We Live and We Learn!) 👀

😎I am driving to Pasco Washington August 5th with whatever dollars we raise to this end. If you make a contribution via my paypal tab below remember, I am not a non profit so I cannot offer a tax deduction.

Rick Daviscourt leaves the states having taken a three month vacation from his work with the Home for Girls. Rick was raised in Washington State. He and his wife maintain a home in Pasco.
I just need about 50 of you all to donate the additional funds needed...Thanks so much!

Please consider too, praying for all of what is done for 25 little girls in Arequipa, Peru. They are always needing financial support The girls need additional funding for shoes and underclothing....THANK YOU SO MUCH in your giving!

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