Wednesday, June 14, 2017


About "Doing Ear?"

I was told that the ear is not an appendage for hearing. The actual hearing is beneath the face...Duh? In looking at material on the Internet about all of this I am left with the realization of just how miraculous the human body is. To know now, that the entire mapping of the internal organs, memory and emotional activity of all of us is mapped out on the ears..simply blows my brain! I have been doing mental somersaults these last few days considering what GOD made when he put our bodies together.

Equally amazing is how far we have gotten away from the miracle of being human..murder, deception, broken relationships, all supersede our understanding of the human design. The brilliance afforded all of us is diminished due to disease, sickness, and mutilation of the human anatomy.

Now that I know what the outer ear is really used for, seeing young people destroy the ear, knowing that they are destroying a system designed for healing goes to the heart of what I mean

Our ignorance, lack of knowledge, and lost identity supersedes the living brilliance that our bodies represent. I continue to see GOD restoring us to what he is doing...if we are willing to be restored!
A door is now opened for a sort of appreciation for the body that I simply was not aware of. I too, did not know!

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