Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Not Going To Live Disgusted

I have for the last several days been reflecting on a great many things. As one example, I have been considering why Jeff Morton (Me) would write a blog for the last 10 years. I am terrible at grammar, punctuation, and writing in general. So why write a blog? Too, I have considered my on line social media life?

I remember learning about Facebook through one of my children years ago. Actually, it was MySpace that seemed to be on our home computer virtually all the time via my kids. Long before smart phones and two or three computers in our home, my kids were all wanting to take turns using the single home computer. What's up wth that I would wonder? I began monitoring their on line activity eventually coming across Facebook. I was actually self teaching myself how to do what my children knew very well concerning "email, social media, and surfing the web". "You've Got mail" would ring out from the computer...huh? Anyway, a door opened, I stepped through it, and here I am today. I marvel at what communication has transformed into. I feel like a battery plugged into a gigantic digital interface system, powering up an even greater ability for humanity to communicate faster than instantly.

Overall, I think the Internet is amazing! I think Social Media is amazing! I think the fact that we can express our thoughts around the globe is simply remarkable.....but?

I am at a point in all of the aforementioned whereby, expressing my opinion, having a voice, trying to make a difference has steered me away from certain fundementals concerning the other side of Jeff Morton. The entrepreneurial spirit that is core in me has been working to create something so completely foreign to me, so different. In otherwords,  I was trying to create something a bit different than starting another business. I have come to realize, starting a business is more practical for me. I have been praying about this for sometime......Not sure if any of this will happen but, "If I do absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing will happen!" 😏

I do believe that what men have raised up is coming apart at the seems (in my opinion) In the face of this belief...I also still believe we ought to be fruitful and multiply. A Jewish Rabbi once said to me, "Do what you can to make life a little better for others" I have embraced this for nearly 10 years...It's what I was hoping to do via the miracle of social media. [Thank you Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel]

People Serving People: 

I want to support better the orphans and the widows~honor better my neighbors, doing the work of the Kingdom. I am so beyond the endless arguements, religious pride, and justifications, blindly causing the death of millions or the disintergration of friendships. Social media seems to feed on this more so than the miracle it offers to bring people together....

I too, am exhausted in seeing relationships collapse due to the revelation and the activity of ALMIGHTY GOD drawing people back to what is being done (Restoration of all Things) since the rebirth of the land of Israel. I sit stunned at the division and separation within the body. The adversity working against those who should, in my opinion, be coming together under the banner of the KING is remarkable and very successful. I would rather start a business and move in another direction as a result.

My commitment to helping with the children in Peru and sharing my "KINGDOM" beliefs with anyone who would ask is a huge part of who I am today.......
I am so grateful for all that I have learned and will continue to learn.
I refuse to live the rest of my days disgusted with what is happening around all of us. I am choosing to live in order to help others and to make life better for those people who need help......

My activity on line will be very, very...substantially less invloved. Facebook will be a place that I check in on from time to time and or the place where I update "Returning to Eden." I am removing the [https://www.facebook.com/uncoloryourself] Facebook page....

At the end of the day, I am simply one of all of you! I have come to appreciate that my opinion is not worth all that "and a bag of chips" in a digital world of adversity.......

You can reach me at
(253) 448-4777 or via email

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James W Porter said...

Sounds like a great idea... Working in technology for the past decades and always "strapped" to a computer... It's really hard to get away from the "digital life" and I use the term "life" loosely. Sometimes it's a requirement to unplug and really evaluate what is important int he grand scheme of things. I applaud your direction and am rooting for your new business! GO GET 'EM! :)

Love you brother,