Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Friend Valerie Jolie

Valeri Jolie
By Sam Madsen 
Recognizing The Everyday Heroes Around Us

Sometimes an “Everyday Hero” shows up just because they are someone who really cares about people in their community and their environment. I met one such person recently who shines in her neighborhood of 20 years. She has taken an heartfelt interest in her surroundings and neighbors by lending a helping hand whenever needed. 

Valerie Jolie is the president of her HOA (Pebblecreek subdivision) and sends an HOA newsletter to all the homeowners each month to bring her community together, making sure new homeowners are always greeted when they move in to make them feel welcome.

Once a year she coordinates a pot luck to get all the homeowners together to have fun and visit. Valerie was instrumental in getting the City of Tigard to help clear up and improve five acres of wetlands in her subdivision, after working hard at clearing out the mass of blackberry bushes on her own for a year and a half. It’s becoming a beautiful area with ponds, waterfalls and wildlife to enjoy as people walk by.

Valerie knows how to get things done when the need arises. Sitting in her company leaves you with a peaceful feeling and many smiles. Surrounding herself with positivity, she shares her home with two little angel rescue puppies called Grace and Ella Bella and invites her friends and neighbors to come and sit in her fragrant and colorful rose garden on a bench donated by the City of Tigard. A healing sanctuary for sure!

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