Monday, June 12, 2017


I drove to work still fascinated by what I saw yesterday concerning a demonstration of, "DOING EARS."
The presenter, Kate spent just about two hours explaining what the therapy was all about. Kate was very detailed, extremely informative, her knowledge on the subject matter was extensive.

I am simply blown away by what I saw happen to several people (Ladies) as she demonstrated how all of this works by actually applying these tiny Titanium balls on key points on the ear. What I saw happen to Michele, my wife is still reverberating around in my spirit. I continue to be amazed at how amazing GOD designed our bodies. I have lived with my wife's chronic pain for many years...This morning, the woman that I have known to be in daily pain was gone. Michele joined me when she woke up downstairs a different woman.

I am writing this because I simply cannot get what I witnessed happen yesterday out of my thoughts

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