Monday, June 12, 2017

"Doing Ears" IS AMAZING!

Yesterday, I took my wife down to Tigard, Oregon to visit with our friend Valerie. Valerie had a gathering whereby she invited a woman knowledgeable about "Doing Ears"

My wife has constant pain and was struggling all the way down on the drive (I wont go into details.) Suffice it to say she has struggled with pain in both shoulders and various parts of her body......

The woman, Kate was performing demonstrations. Michele went first...She was instantly, instantly relieved of pain...EXCUSSSSSSE MEEEEE! (Instantly!)

I was stunned! Kate's website is

Needless to say, the drive home was totally different then the drive to Tigard..Michele was pain free all the way home. Eager to see how she is doing when she wakes up. I would like to invite Kate, a Godly woman up here to do a demonstration for those of you who might have an interest locally.

And yes, I am wearing the titanium beads as I type this...My lower back issue vanished when she placed the beads in my ears? Abba, Father is restoring us back to what he made and how miraculous our bodies are...I was blown away people, BLOWN AWAY!

CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL IF YOU ARE INTERESTED Kate is willing to drive up here on a weekend as long as her expenses are covered....

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