Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Watching the President of the United States these last few days represent the country of my birth throughout the Arab world was very, very appreciative. I so appreciated the fact that Donald Trump did not bow before the leaders of this part of our planet nor did he apologize to any one of them. Instead Donald Trump offered humility, confidence, strength, and resilence

The best part for me on a personal level is that I am able to see all of this free from the stain of racism, bigotry and antisemitism. I see the differences between this president and our last president for what they are...not through a racial filter. I would never have voted for Barack Obama based on what he represented that is against everything within my spirit. The color of both men was never a consideration.

I see the events in this world through the lens of the KING of Kings who is the LORD of Lords. It is a refreshing peace for me that accompanies my joy daily.

May GOD allow peace to those lost in Manchester, England. May he bring comfort to those left alive who are now suffering through the pain and loss of loved ones. May GOD ALMIGHTY bring to justice those who planned this attack...

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