Sunday, May 28, 2017


The planning has begun for my return trip to Peru...

The plan was to take Pastor Mark Biltz and a few friends with me. Well, El Shaddai Ministries via the board at El Shaddai Ministries has decided to take TORAH to Peru.


Nathan Grapes and I have planned a dinner for 16 people to discuss how all of this will unfold, introducing Rick Daviscourt and Restoring Children International to El Shaddai's board (June 10th.)

I am asking for a many of you to begin praying. Specifically for my ability to financially go and to take a few freinds with me not associated with El Shaddai Ministries. Like Dinah Dye and her husband, Michale for example. We will need your prayers in every step we take...

I am not sure how El Shaddai Ministries will direct their involvement but I do know that several Pastors and folks (Including a few government officials) down in Peru are wanting to understand what TORAH is and what the Jewishness of Yeshua (Jesus) is all about. I know too, that many doors opened as a result of what Mr. Daviscourt has been sharing. Many are wanting to understand better God's plan for Israel as he continues the process of redemption for the nations. I saw first hand the tears of one pastor who was shocked at what I shared with him directly from the scriptures! He did not know nor had he ever been taught what I shared with him.


What I know for certain is one day, nearly four years ago while walking towards the foyer at El Shaddai Ministries the spirit of the LORD asked me to say hello to a man walking towards me, that man was Rick Daviscourt. What has happened since this day, in my mind, is a GOD thing happening in Peru...
I am officially a spectator because I am convinced what is happening is much, much bigger than me!
I wll put another GO FUND ME page together most likely asking for those who would support financially this effort.

I am always, always mindful of the girls who have been rescued, through Restoring Children International needing our prayers and resources......
Thank You

One person can move mountains but, ~~~~~
'When we do absolutely nothing, than absolutely nothing will get done! 

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