Saturday, May 13, 2017

Liberal Media Subverting Just About Everything

I have spent the last several weeks purposely watching News Media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & NBC. [I stopped watching these channels years ago]
Specifically though, I have been watching how each share virtually the same headline concerning the President's firing of James Comey (FBI), the Rusian connecion to the last election cycle and Hillary Clinton's email scandal.  All have consistently insinuated that James Comey was fired due to his "Needing" more funding for the investigation into their on going story asserting that Russia played a role in the election of Donald Trump. They all have asserted that this was done in order to thwart the investigation of Donald Trump's Russian connection. All have hammered away at the so called Russian involvment in the Presidential election [Not one shred of evidence has been produce yet?] All have dismissed the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton.

It matters not that the actual evidence concerning all three topics is in complete contrast to the News Media's narrative. Every night [and on virtually all 24 hour cable news television channels] virtually all liberal News Medias has hammered away, almost in unison that the President is illigitimate and that the WHITE HOUSE is in disorray!

Contrasting this with the fact that James Comey took it upon himself to hold a press conference detailing the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton of which you and I would have been arrested and prosecuted on the federal level. In addition to this, Russia is subverting our efforts in Syria, suppoting Iran and challenging our military via airspace both in Alaska and at Sea. The relationship between the United States of America and Russia is deteriorated so much so that a war with Russia, Iran, and North Korea are possible.

I am not sure if the more that I draw closer to what is pouring out of the Biblical text, am I seeing how far men have moved away from sanity. Maybe it has been this way for the duration of my life thus far? Is it possible that the more I study ALMIGHTY GOD through the revelation of Israel [as opposed to church doctrine alone] the more I see just how far away we are from the reason we exist in the first place?

The rebirth of the nation of Israel for me represents that something much, much bigger is occurring but, that's another conversation! 👼

Watching the various news channels, following along on the Internet what is written I am so far beyond stunned at the varasity of the News Media suggesting or suplanting or even subverting misinformation in order to accomplish what exactly? I believe the majority of Americans can see the absolute manipulation of information broadcasting out of mostly liberal News Media channels. However, the American public who digest disinformation and quite frankly, out right lies populated by the very powerful media follow along like drones supporting, in most cases, information easily disproven. The problem for this group of American is that they simply do not qualify what is being told to them during the 6:00 news and or the headlines in print.

What is even more incredulous to me is what the American Colleges are producing that will be the next generation. Our children are being taught to challenge the American way of life from a "Political Correctness" template which amounts to the destruction of free speech.....

I have watched insanity, blatantly, and without boundaries, pouring out of the News Media for many, many years now. Watching these channels for the last few weeks begs the question, For what purpose is the bias reporting by all of these networks serving beyond the Presidency and or the freedoms offered via the Constitution of the Unted States of America?.......Its crazy what I am witnessing!

I have written previously about the lunacy that I have been watching:

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