Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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About our Podcast Page "RETURNING TO EDEN" with Dr. Dinah Dye and myself. We knew our show would be challenging for many. When Professor John Walton came on as a guest presenting the idea that Adam and Eve were not neccessarily the first two people and that Adam was appointed to a position in the Temple (Garden) this was our highest rated show.

Ever since I have been doing Internet Radio I had never seen those numbers before of tuned in listeners. I think we had over 1500! Dinah Dye's broadcast on Israel TV Network is also high in ratings she has been in the number one spot for a while now. (This may have change, not sure)

If you have not read her book, spent time on her website, (paysite) or followed what we are discussing than you will not really comprehend the digging that Dr. Dye has been doing for 30+ years as a Jewish women who found Messiah.

Although not as proficient in speaking as Dr. Dye is, certainly not a teacher, I get what she is espousing after years of research in the same way that I understand my skin color is not the color of my spirit. This, in large part because, of the "Download" that I received in 2007. I agree with Dinah Dye...The Hebrew Roots, Messy~Antic and dare I say all religious paradigms cloud the discussion of the Kingdom and Temple (language) that are part and parcel of what is being rolled out from the cosmos in order that the Creator once again dwell among men and women.

Consider "FOLLOWING" the Podcast page and tuning into our weekly live show on Wednesday nights via

Here is what happens:
Once I receive the file from Worship and Word radio I add the edited music and then post to the Podcast Page, my website. I also post on the facebook page and send the edited file to Dinah Dye. Dinah archives the edited broadcast on her website as well. When you "FOLLOW" the Podcast Page you immediately receive a notification that a "New Podcast Has Been Posted".....

On a personal note: I am a champion of women teachers due to the bias that exists across the spectrum. Dinah Dye is not your ordinary teacher. What is coming out of her research is ordained in my opinion.....for such a time as this!

You really should watch the following:

Our show is a discussion about The Temple(s) the Kingdom and the sacred space or dwelling place of almighty God being restored~~~~~as He Returns to Eden 

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