Friday, April 14, 2017

Why I Would Do A Television Broadcast

Friends, if you said to me, "Jeff, one day you will be broadcasting on radio, talking about the TORAH given to Israel and traveling to Peru" I would have thought you were...a liberal!

Fast Forward: I have no idea how to do almost everything that I am doing with video. I know how to clean, clear and video inspect your sewer line. I know how to get make water go from point A to point B, and I know how to cook and serve you a meal. In other words, I come out of the restaurant world and the plumbing and drain cleaning profession. I am a customer service lunatic having designed a seminar teaching, CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE in my former world. A world that I will add, offered a different revenue source than the one the GOD of Abraham asked me to serve in....
and so it goes 😁 (I am far from complaining)

Well, I have this massive computer that was gifted to me, built for me in fact. I have a monitor/television that was paid for by a friend in Virginia who has supported what I do. I have an additional screen presented to me by my (hopefully & soon to be) daughter in law. I was gifted a Canon EOS T5 camera kit with a tripod stand which came in very handy down in Peru. I was able to purchase a Rode Microphone with stand that sits on my desk here with a Lenox QX1202 mixer board for broadcasting an online radio program.

Okay, so I have stuff! I also have no idea how to use all of this stuff beyond what I have self taught myself!. I sit here weekly wondering, "What did I do last week to make this work?? (lol) You really would find all of this quite hysterical were you to sit in our two bedroom town home with my grandbaby just starting to crawl. (OMG, child proofing again?)

Now, I have been offered a 30 minute televison show that I have no idea how to do! Who wants to watch me do a television show when my YOU TUBE videos barely reach 50 views? Perhaps I should video record what I go through in order to produce them; that ought to offer a bit of comic relief to someone in YOU TUBE land? My Google page has just under 1.5 million viewers and my blog of 10 years averages about 200 readers a day..Folks, I am just one of you people doing something that I would not have thought I'd be doing, ever! I don't do any of this for popularity or to get paid on YOU TUBE.

I know what I would focus on via a television show. I figure someone may want to watch Jeff Morton for 30 minutes discuss the information swirling around in my brain.
I have been asked to produce a show for Israel TV Network. I am told that I need better equipment in order to produce a better product...Anyone need a sewer replaced? This is how I will be able to pay for, "Better Equipment?" Oddly enough, I took a call from a friend to replace a sewer yesterday. Well, I am not licesned to do this work anymore. The particulars on this job would not be a good thing to get involved in...but it sure would have paid for, "Better Equipment!"

I know that Israel TV Network is wanting to develop programming. They are the "New Kids" in this medium. Having been asked to create a show, Well, I want to do a quality presentation...not a Jeff Morton YOU TUBE conversation!...Yeshua, Take The Wheel 😳

I will keep learning how to do all of this

Well, I will keep trying to ge better at doing the video stuff, learn about lighting and yada, yada, yada! I will learn how to get better and beter at all of this because the KING of Glory is preparing to make an entrance and he has poured into my entire being a desire to spread the information of his Kingdom...and so it goes. The information is more important than anything that I have done thus far!

Now do I need the Canon t3i or the canon t5i? Rodes video mic pro or or  What in this world is the difference? How much does this all cost?

My GOD, MY GOD if you will supply, I will move forward...(And that my friends is how I do just about everything!)
Salem Commmunication's Broadcast Studio downtown Seattle, who knew?

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