Saturday, April 8, 2017


No Golden Dome
I began this new life, truly born again in 1998. It was in this year that I asked ADONAI to show to me who He really is or what He really is. In 2007 He answered my request. I had no idea that my life would take such a gigantic change from being a Christian trying to figure all of this out into that of a believer grafted into the Kingdom of our Creator. I had no idea that I would bare witness to the Kingdom under construction in a world ruled by deception, murder, hate, and brokenness. I really had no idea that I would be able to see with clarity the coming of Messiah in everything, everywhere and all the time. The rebirth of Israel is like a personal stamp placed upon the blueprint that is the nation of Israel by Almighty GOD, I live privileged!

I know, now, that the insanity draped over mankind is due in large part to the absolute fact that the Kingdom of haShem, the government, and every promise made about why we are here in the first place is rolling through time like a tidal wave. He, along with all that is in the heavens is coming! Almighty GOD is becoming one with His creation while rebellion attempts to overcome all of us.

I know, now, that helping people, serving people is worth more than just about everything anyone of us has. Nothing compares. Thou shall love thy neighbor is a call by the Kingdom of GOD to honor our neighbor by representing the citizenry of the coming kingdom..........

Going to Peru, joining what so many others are doing to advance the Kingdom of GOD, has touched my entire being. People Serving People is truly what coming into HIS Kingdom is all about. May you enjoy this day, the day that we practice the seating of Messiah on the Throne of Dawid..

The day when ORDER shall come to the entire creation.

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