Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sharing Information In Arequipa, 2018?


Taking Torah, with a Restored Gospel Message to the Nations

Several Pastors according to Rick Davscourt are now going through HaYesod as well as asking questions about the Hebraic "REALITY" of the scriptures.

Just so you know I have mentioned to Rico Cortes that he should consider heading to Peru. I have also been in prayer about returning with several people (all of whom I have spoken with) to share with the Pastors and those who are asking questions about all of this.

Equally, I am super curious about what ADONAI has birthed in my spirit concerning all of this including the Home For Girls. (They need so much and a bigger home) I am asking ABBA if I can go back with a few friends in February or March (Rainy season) to share the information of a Jewish Messiah and an Hebraic understanding of the scriptures.

If you see another Fundly page asking for resources in the near future...this will be why. :)

We will need to raise a lot of money to take this message to Arequipa, Peru. I need a team of people praying with us about such an event.

THANK YOU FOR praying and supporting; most of all for serving the
A very special thank you to all of the women who are joining with my wife to send a care package to the girls pictured above in my video....
Babe, I love your support

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