Monday, April 10, 2017

Concerning the Staff at Restoring Children International

Addendum...I misunderstood Rick here is what he wrote to me after seeing this post:

Looks like I need to take a photo of Claudia for you, then! Right now, she and Diana are in town purchasing everything for our Seder dinner tonight. I just wanted to answer a couple of emails and then get down to preparing for the ceremony. We have over 40 people in all, now, who are coming. Tables and chairs are about to arrive too. So much to do, including making the Matzah, Maror, and the Haroset…

Jeff, we already do have 2 new laptops for Diana and Claudia. You brought one of them down and I have one more real good one stored to give to them too. Just need to purchase a new power supply for it is all.

From what I was told, there is a company here in Arequipa that is going to donate a couple of other computers to us so that the kids will have their own computers for homework.

Jeff, I appreciate your help, just the same! What we do need is a bigger building so that I can give these two their own offices J

We always need more finances and a larger donor base. But, I do not want to take a donor base from you, my friend.

Chag Pesach Sameach!


Hello everyone,

The short and sweet!

The Physiologist on staff and the Social worker on staff at Restoring Children International both need new lap tops computers. Diana and Claudia are true saints when it comes to the girls living in the home and what each child needs. I was wondering if some of you would help me to help them purchase two new computers? 
You can donate directly to Restoring Children International in support of this need or you can send a donation through this blog (non Tax Deductible on my blog:)

Thanks to everyone who can and will help♥  If I can do anything to earn a donation as far as my former profession let me know!

Diana~ You really don't want to cross this young woman when it comes to protecting the girls!

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