Friday, April 21, 2017

Catherine's Story "Sharing The Passover"

Hello new friends, dear friends, and friend whom I haven't yet had the pleasure of making an acquaintance! I would like to share a mini testimony via FB post because I'll be out of town this weekend, so I won't make it to Bible study to share it in person. I believe that it is important to share this with you all so that we could be encouraged in the service we do unto God's kingdom! **STORY TIME**

Firstly, I'd like to say a thank-you to each and every individual would helped in any form and attended the youth Passover Seder we had last Saturday. A little background for those who are unfamiliar with me: I come from a loosely-practicing half-Christian, half-Buddhist family. Many of my immediate family members "believe in Jesus Christ," but don't embrace much after that. I came to the faith when I was 14 years olds, and have steadily been maturing in it since. With that said, I have spent these past years praying for them, hoping, believing, conversing, teaching, and enduring seasons when I just didn't have hope nor energy for the circumstances to change. The Lord has been faithful and gracious along the journey.

My mother allowed me to take my three younger siblings with me to the Seder we had. One sister was nervous, one indifferent, and my little brother was adamant about not going. He didn't have a choice, however, because I already paid the ticket 😃 If I may be honest, some of us hosts were nervous ourselves because we felt under-prepared and were rushing around to resolve last-minute hiccups and issues. I, for one, was one of those stressing. Before we began, I said a quick prayer to Adonai asking that He would recenter my focus on what's most important and give a return for our effort to build faith in others' lives. We began the program. Some parts went more smoothly than others. Overall, I would say that there was a delighted response from the attenders.

I know there was one from my little troop for sure! Halfway through the program, I feel my brother's little arm move across my leg. With the grape juice in his right hand, he was trying to recline on me with his other side! (Our chairs were a bit awkward for this to work, haha!) His innocence and eagerness to participate and follow Daniel's instructions (as an older example of someone in the faith) pierced my heart. I know that these actions are memorial and traditional in nature, but I was so encouraged to see that the glimmer in his young eyes to serve and please God has not been snuffed out by the world yet.

My baby sister was enthralled by the whole spectacle. (She's more enthusiastic in general). She loved participating in each part, watching dancing and flagging, and had a plethora of questions for me during and after we were all through. (She has decided to be a "wise child"). My other sister thought that it was really neat for us to have put on such an event. She's a teen herself, and so it is vital for her to see examples of young people serving God with their young years and effort. Listen, *they* were the ones to ask to explain things and come to church with me. I am delighted to report that there will be a few guests to church with me in these upcoming weeks.

I could go into more and more detail about the night and what has transpired since then, but I'll just let the changes speak for themselves. Be encouraged that you have, in fact, impacted lives positively for the eternal Kingdom 😊 I don't know if there are any words more gratifying to hear for believers who love our God sincerely. You have helped to plant the seeds which will, by God's kindness, bring forth life-giving fruit in these young lives. I was brought to tears and my heart was strengthened to continue to fight and intercede for my family. The fact of the matter is that I'm currently their spiritual guidance. Though I am praying and hopeful that this will not always be the case, I am to be a faithful steward in the position I have for the time being. So again, thank you for putting in such hard work and heart. Thank Abba God for His kindness and mercy! I'm expectant and excited to see where God leads us all next and how He'll continue to use us in our own and over-lapping spheres! We'll put on an even better Seder next year! Blessings & Shalom

-----From a big sister who simply loves her little siblings

Permission granted, Thanks Catherine!

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