Sunday, March 5, 2017

This One Is For The Ladies

Meet Angelina Everett:

I have a wonderful friend who I have yet to meet personally. Angelina Everett is a close friend of my sister Desiree (Desi) in my home town of Rochester, NY. I told her that I would support her anyway that I could as she sets out to bring information and a new product to your attention. Please watch the following video:

You all know that I am a champion for women, of course I am going to share this. Angelina exposed me to this information. I, in turn, am sharing the information with you all. This may be something that all women who menstruate should at the very least check out and check it out you should!

Angelina is on FACEBOOK

Here is Angelina's note to me:
"Jeff, here is the official company video. If you would please share on your page and people can reply to me on Facebook or my email. If they want my ph# they can message me."

Blessings ladies!

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