Saturday, March 4, 2017

If We Do Nothing Then, Nothing Gets Done!

I posted the following on Facebook yesterday:

I am sitting here at my desk wanting to make a video but maybe not...?

I am considering much.......
How do you broach the conversation that you now see western biblical prophecy as nothing more than nonsense? How do you say to any American who attends Sunday church, "I see satan as head of religion, Adonai as the head of Righteousness" without getting castigated?

Racism, bigotry and antisemitism are as ingrained in our world today as are abortions, same sex unions, and broken families..
How do you stand against these societal realities within a 2nd generation of apathetic, biblical illiterate and self serving individuals?
The young adults who embraced Haight Ashbury, Woodstock, The Summer of Love, and the Drug Culture now produce MTV, The Me Generation, and Division? They own Costco, Target, Comcast, the Media, and much of what Facebook creators align themselves to as well as a host of corporations. These are the godless who sit on the boards of major companies across this land or who produce movies & television that glorify the principals of Hell and debauchery.

How do you dare to open your mouth in defiance of the rebellion now seated in positions of authority within churches, synagogues, government, and business?

Well, when I personally was shown how GOD is steadfast in preparing to bring Order to Chaos
When I see the rebirth of the nation of Israel.
When I see millions of people across this globe reconnecting the Gospel message to its foundation, namely ancient Israel and all that GOD purposed in the TORAH (His instructions to Adam, Noah, Abraham & Moses.)

When I see millions of Jewish people returning to the land promised to Abraham.
When I see a new discussion taking place across the globe concerning signs in the moon and the sun, the covenants made with Israel, the shemitah years, and the festivals of Yahweh and the miracles contained within Biblical Hebrew,

I see something happening that men who embrace humanism cannot stop, cannot destroy!

The rebirth of the nation of Israel caused me to understand the Flood of Noah's day, the Crossing of the Reid Sea during the time of Moses, I see something quite different than anything men have done happening all around...ALL OF US!
Most of what I was taught in the churches is now amplified and or corrected.

So, I do what I can with virtually nothing, anyway that I can get it done! THE Messiah is coming, the signs of this happening are exploding all around what those above simply choose not to see.

That's why I keep trying to do something in service to others who want more than a warm pew. I see the end of my story as the beginning of why I am here in the first place...LIFE.
If one person gets any of this then I (We) have made a difference!

If we do absolutely nothing, Absolutely nothing get's done

"They shall build for Me a sanctuary, and I will dwell among them"
(Exodus 25:8)

In the interim, help the widow and the orphan and one another.

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