Monday, March 13, 2017

Baby Luigi's Heart Surgery (is scheduled)

I am posting part of a note from Rick Daviscourt about what Restoring Children International is all about..please give and help...and pray! Thanks
baby Luigi

Hello from Arequipa,

Our baby Luigi’s surgery date has been set for this coming Wednesday, March 15th at 8:00 am. He and his mother (one of our girls) have been interned in the hospital in our capital city of Lima since later last week in order to get Luigi ready for his surgery and get him in line for the operation room. The only thing that will delay his surgery is if another child comes in to that children’s hospital who is in much greater need to be operated on in order to save a life.

Luigi has an increasingly large hole in the ventricular wall of his heart. Unfortunately, his surgery cannot be accomplished by going into his heart through an artery as his are so small. He must have an Open Chest and Open Heart operation. Being quite concerned about this, I contacted one of his cardiologists to ask if it wouldn’t simply be better to wait for a little later on in his life when he is bigger and stronger. His doctor told me no. He said there is more risk in waiting till he is a bit older than there is in performing the operation itself. He further said that there is a deficiency in the ventricular wall that is going to cause his heart to continue to weaken. He said that Luigi will be lacking enough oxygen. We live at high altitudes here in the Andes mountains. Additionally, the baby will not grow at the rate he should. He is already small and underweight for his almost 21 months and has not enjoyed a robust health in his infancy. Keeping weight on him has been very, very challenging for us.

The cardiologist stated that his surgery does imply risk – even for the best of surgeons that are out there.

In saying all this, I ask that you pray as our Lord leads you to do so. He knows exactly what needs to be done after all.

Thanks for taking a bit of time out of your busy schedule to pray for this little guy - Rick

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Rick Daviscourt said...

What a pleasant surprise to see that you posted an article about our Luigi. Living so far from the USA and feeling somewhat of a disconnect from my native country, it is so warming to me to see that you, Jeff, and others do care about what our staff and I are doing to improve and restore the lives of the children and teens - those that our HaShem Adonai has placed into our hands. Because of the prayers and support of loving people, even though they are not many in number, our children have enjoyed a positive future and have come to know their Savior. Luigi now has a health-filled life to look forward too instead one of weakness and even a shortened lifespan. Jeff, keep up the good work you are doing. You have been such an inspiration to me. And, our kids and staff are looking forward to your arrival down here next week! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to come and meet my Peruvian family.