Friday, March 10, 2017



Beginning April 5, 2017 Returning To Eden will be broadcasting live on Worship And Word Radio or

Our program will continue to be aired at Messianic Lamb Radio but the live show will be moving to

We appreciate your support and enjoy very much how many of you are following along with our program. Both Dr. Dye and I have a very busy schedule in the upcoming weeks. I will be in Arequipa, Peru from March 23 to April 2nd. Dr. Dye is busy filming several programs for

We will not broadcast a live show on March 22nd and March 29. Our last live broadcast until April 5th will be March 15 or next week on Messianic Lamb Radio. We appreciate very much the last ten weeks with Messianic Lamb Radio and look forward to our relationship with

Join us and stay tuned!

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