Saturday, February 4, 2017



I received a couple more donations for the Fundly project that I started in order to take money to 25 girls who live in a home, safe! This is as a result of Rick Daviscourt answering a call to rescue children. He will tell you, "God sent me to Peru!"
Nathan Grapes and I have come to know Rick and what he goes through in order to raise funds to keep the home afloat, This is more a full time job for him in addition to taking care of the girls many of whom have lived through horrifying experiences. I know, Rick and I have cried together as he recants various experiences these children have endured. Through Rick's friendship and thirst to reconnect Torah back to the Gospel I decided to support Restoring Children International anyway that I could. Rather than give to organizations through television ads or sponsoring ministry projects I look at Restoring Children International as a place whereby I can be involved in making a difference. 

I have interviewed people who do this sort of thing around the globe. I decided to do one thing for one organization that helps children as a result of what these people shared with me. Rick Daviscourt was a meeting I believe, orchestrated by the Ruach. I am delighted to be heading to Peru to see first hand the changed lives of these girls and also to see first hand something I cannot see sitting in front of this computer. I trust Abba, Father will provide all that is need...My plane fare is already purchased and the rest of what I need will also be provided of this I am certain. To those of you who have opened up your wallets and purses I want to say THANK YOU...None of you had to give a dime yet you have. I am writing this to say, from the depth of the spirit gifted to me by YEHOVAH our Creator....THANK YOU, To GOD BE THE GLORY.

We have a long way to go in order to reach our goal ($7500.00) but even if that does not happen, what you have done...did happen👏…

I would ask you to consider finding an organization that helps widows and children. Get personally involved, make a difference... It will be a blessing to you and others; of this I am proof!
We cannot do everything but we can do one thing 🙌
People Serving People

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