Saturday, February 25, 2017


Their are so many, many instances in our culture derived from ancient cultures. We are a product of what was before us. At the same time we are disconnected from our history insofar as we do not realize that our way of life is handed down. For example, the ancient Temples were the center of most societies in the ancient world. When we look at the capitol building in our America, or Buckingham Palace, England, virtually all "Advanced" societies have a capital city of central government. This is not a development in the modern world but rather a centuries old reality.

I am reminded of a verse in scripture:

JPS Tanakh 1917
When the Most High gave to the nations When He separated the children of men, He set the borders of the peoples According to the number of the children of Israel. Deuteronomy 32:8

As I study the Temples of Israel as well as the Temple that was in Eden, it becomes clear to me that the cycles of humanity and all that we do are set in place by the authority of God Almighty. In other words, we are not the progenitors of what happens tomorrow. I was thinking about the Capital building in Washington DC realizing the building itself is a Temple. It represents the heart of our Republic.

Professor Skip Moen says, "The further we move away from God the less human we become." I would add too, history becomes subjective while truth becomes blurred. Well, as I looked at the Capitol building I began to realize the truth is all around me. We are living within the history that caused us to be here.

If we consider the world of the ancient Kings or Suzerains and the vassal states that surrounds the
Kingdoms the United States of America is one of the finest examples that we have of a Central Kingdom with 50 states surrounding her Temple. When we consider the ancient Cast Systems it is quite easy to see how anti semitism, bigotry, and racism are born from these societal divisions. We also can quite easily see the concepts of honor and shame in our political systems in full view. Honor and shame is still a societal reality. Just ask any politician.
The problem is in the fact that most of our society does not know this history or make these connections to all of our pasts. We inexorably live in the moment, whatever the moment has to offer is what we are connected to. Put another way, we live in a moment or two disconnected from our history.

Without our history as a people we cannot help but to have an identity crisis. The ills of our society become our society. Most societies collapse or begin to collapse when the people become divided against themselves and their history....History offers unmitigated proof of this process, but who knew?

Returning to the God who set the borders of the nations, who created the Temple concept, who offered the societies, the Kingdoms and history in the first place is how we begin to see truth.
We did not design this experience nor are we the creators of life.........
The proof, is all around us! So too, are the lies that all of us have inherited.

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