Monday, February 13, 2017

I Have Never Met Pam Staley

It was in 2007 that I contacted Passion For Truth Ministries. A woman answered the phone. I was wanting to order a DVD presentation by a guy named Jim Staley who I knew next to nothing about. I had watched this young man share a very different message on God's Learning Channel, a message I had never heard before. I dialed the number in order to place my order. Pam Staley answered the phone. We probably talked for two hours...I just wanted to order the DVD!
On this day, during that phone call a friendship was born. I was sent 10 DVD's "on the house!"

I used those DVD's during my bible studies giving all but one away. One particular Shabbat our little group [which rotated from Tigard, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington every other week] studied the information on the DVD from 10:00 in the morning until midnight. My trek into understanding the Bible, studying the Bible differently began that day. Something amazing was happening!

I have spoken a few times with Pam over the years. I have seen, from a distance tremendous difficulty in her life and within her family. I have listened to her heart, her frustration, and her resolve. I understand how we all need one another, sometimes in big ways, others times not so big. What I understand most about Pam is that she is first a wife, a mother and one who resembles all of us. Life is hard sometimes, most of the time. [and we all know about those unbearable times] I have seen all of this over the course of these last 10 years in Pam's world. Nevertheless, I met her vicariously over the phone because of our love for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Pam is not afraid of her vulnerability nor is she afraid of the unknown. She has learned, like most of us to simply do what needs to get done. Well, in this instance what needs to be done is for many of us to help her and her husband. She is not afraid of letting us know this and reaching out to those who would care. I care.....

I don't have to say anything more about someone I have yet to meet face to face. I know her...she is like all of us. One day, in God's perfect will I will give to Pam Staley a hug that will not be over due. It will be very much like me giving to my mom...a hug. Please help her and her husband, Jim overcome this problem too! 

We most certainly will as soon as the next pay check happens...Yup, we understand!

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