Monday, February 27, 2017

Have A Nice Day Whoopie & Whoops!

I can almost guarantee that Whoopie Goldberg or Warren Beatty will never support this blog, our Internet radio show, "Returning To Eden" with Dinah Dye nor will they purchase our books. Having said that how do people like me pay for what we do?

The Internet Bill
The Security Program
The Computer Maintenance
The Electricity
The Non Royalty Audio Software (Audio Blocks) Fees
The Corel Studio Editing Software
The Tech Guy (who bails me out often)
Pod-O-Matic (Archived programs) Fees
Additional Equipment
(Soon, Up and Coming Studio Time  Rental) Abba, Father, how am I going to pay for this?
Additional software programs that I have to use.
Maintenance Costs for all of this equipment

Probably the biggest expenditure is...TIME!

Flying to Peru, living in Peru for ten days (Airline tickets are purchased...Thank Abba, Father.)

I have been doing this for a long time now pretty much out of pocket. I have several supporters who help but just a couple who do so every month. The Trip to Peru is signalling another door opening not to mention doing a possible 30 minute televised broadcast (In discussion)

I understand that most people do not know what it takes to do what I/we do...and you shouldn't have to know this. I am the one who chooses to do all of the above in service to what I think is serving others.. This blog is my attempt to share with those who follow either this blog, facebook stuff, radio broadcast, You Tube Channel and whatever else I do....the costs that you don't see

If you can help and or see the value in what Jeff Morton does....lighten the load from time to time...It does the BODY good.

Have a nice day Whoopie & Whoops!

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