Friday, January 27, 2017

The Story of Adam Was Not About Dirt After All

I met Pastor Mark Biltz in June of 2007. One month prior to meeting Mark Biltz I heard a voice ask, "Learn why I was Jewish" I took that single experience to be a GOD thing, and an answer to a prayer that I had made in 1998. In 1998 I asked GOD to show to me who He really was. I never expected to hear a voice ask me to go check it out myself.

I met Mark Biltz Pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in June at Convergence Northwest Conference hosted by Tani Zarelli and her then, State Senator husband, Joe or Joseph Zarelli. It was here that I received a "Download" of information that removed me from a Christian paradigm into an Hebrew Paradigm of the Bible. One moment I was a Christian learning about Jesus and the next moment I was a person flooded with ISRAEL rather than church! Pastor Mark Biltz provided the catalyst that would become a snowball roll back through the centuries. My snowball is growing bigger, and bigger, larger & larger as I unfurl the emotional dysfunction of learning about GOD without cultural integrity, certainly lacking too the influences of ancient Israel (Jeremiah 16:19)

Nine years ago I was returned to the concepts and construct of what God is doing through Israel for centuries as a Christian. The more that I connected to the story of Israel the more visible GOD became. The more visible God became the less important virtually all theological identifications were.
This is a very, very difficult thing to communicate to the Christian world because it tends to expose a problem within Christianity. Nevertheless, this is what I experienced and for nine years my entire world view has experienced paradigm shift, after paradigm shift, back through the centuries always pointing me to 'What God is doing through, with, and because of why he created Israel.'
The entire Bible is a record of the relationship between God and Israel.
Christianity is essentially born from that relationship....less the antisemitic, monstrosities of certain doctrines.....
I recommend these books. I am currently reading The Lost World of Scripture having read the other two
Now I am learning the patterns and methods of the Creator from a different lens whereby I can see that Adam and Eve were not the first people. I can see that Adam was appointed to be a Temple priest who had to have a wife who was a virgin (Leviticus 13) I can see a Temple with a Holy of Holies or Sacred Space (Midst of the Garden) and the desecration of Adam allowing Satan into the Midst s of the Garden, possibly at Yom Kippur?)
Currently, on this journey, I am filtering through the work of Professor John Walton who is doing something unbeknownst to him that further answers the prayer of 1998. Professor John Walton is putting reason back into common sense. In other words, the practical, often, overlooked reality that a giant hand did not place Adam into the garden can be revisited based on "Function and Purpose" (as opposed to ethereal, abstract, supernatural hooey!) God appointed men and women to do something. This can also be applied to Adam and Eve. Could they too have been set apart?
Professor John Walton Wheaton College

Professor John Walton offers another game changer, another paradigm shift, another reasoned approach based on the cultural integrity of the hour, the day, the month, and the year Moses wrote about this history!

I am now tumbling all the way into the Kingdom rather than stumbling......Stay tuned! There is more to come concerning Professor John Walton (Click Here)

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