Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kicking Racism Out of God's People Means Defining God's People

I let something bother me most of the day within my spirit yesterday. I have family members or friends of family members who look at all of the white folks in my world, my wife, my beautiful children pointing out to me that I am no longer part of the black community. It was said to me, "Your community and my community are different (Paraphrasing)

The reference was denoting that I no longer live among black folks, that I no longer live in the black community! I thought about the "DIG" most of the day. Here is what I know..many white people will not understand the statement made! While many black people will connect the statement to "Uncle Tom, Oreo, or sellout (except for my cousin Stephen Yawn) lol

Here is what I finally resolved in my mind as I struggled through thinking about all of this yesterday. In fact, I did not resolve this issue I just recalled who I am and what I did not want to be in the short time that I live in this flesh.

We were poor growing up, I did not want to be poor!
We were without a father growing up. My kids were not going to experience that.
We were black first according to society. I wanted to be Jeff according to who my Momma raised (Our mother did not allow racism into her home)
I was afraid of ending up in prison so I left the hood (Rochester, NY) moving to the Pacific Northwest.
I moved to a predominantly white world and that world taught to me business and how to do life
(I endured racism throughout those years living in a white environment but learned much from many, many white people who were not about the idiocy of racism) I have known wonderful people since coming to the Pacific Northwest. My adulthood began here.

Our father taught us abandonment, rejection and pain. He left us preferring the deception associated with loving and living with another man. He left when I was five years old. My father has never been more than an embarrassment, he died in 1996. Racism did not define me and neither did our father. Momma taught us, dedicated herself to seven kids life was hard very hard for her. nevertheless, I knew how to cook, clean, wash clothes, sew, read, write and go to school because our mother taught us and made us. I arrived in the Pacific Northwest in 1977 self sufficient, 100 % my Momma's son!

Our mother, Ms. Geraldine (Bentley) Morton has always been our strength and she did all of this never allowing racism to be part of everything we would come to know. Momma did not play! [THANKS Momma, you taught me not to hate!] She lives her life knowing two of her sons are in prison for life. Not because they were black but because of the choices they made.......

I learned how racist black folks can be because I refused to be a victim and toe the line of what I now term, "The Plantation Nation" It was at this point I became an Uncle Tom, an Oreo or whatever stupidity racism celebrates to many within my "Race"

Nevertheless, I rose up above the horror that many of our ancestors endured precisely because of what they endured...
I will honor these people forever because they are the reason I can sit down at this computer and write any of this.....FREE!

It is easy to rise up above folks in my life today who think I need to be black first because the people pictured taught many of us to be whatever we wanted to be and to fight however we had to in order to do it.

GOD called me out of the hate filled world of injustice and unforgiveness and I responded...He has since taught me to think KINGDOM and continues to teach me about the world to come!.....
My community is the one he is building, uncolored from the idiocy of darkness.

By the end of last night I was able to say, again

Go straight to hell with all of that crap from the kingdom of Hell! White, Black, Asian or what ever color you are connected to. I am connected to the God of Israel who redeems the nations
I shall continue to live free in spirit with the liberty offered through the blood of Messiah and the instructions of YEHOVAH via TORAH. Racism, Bigotry, and Antisemitism exist in darkness...
If this is the color of your community...see ya, bye!

How happy are those whose way is blameless,
who live according to the Lord’s instruction!
Happy are those who keep His decrees
and seek Him with all their heart.
They do nothing wrong; they follow His ways.
You have commanded that Your precepts
be diligently kept.
If only my ways were committed
to keeping Your statutes!
Then I would not be ashamed
when I think about all Your commands.
I will praise You with a sincere heart
when I learn Your righteous judgments.
I will keep Your statutes; never abandon me.
Psalm 119

William Wilburforce
Thank You for all of those who have come before. I live with this frame of reference and attitude because of you.

Theordore Hertzl
John Brown
Harriet Tubman
William Wilberforce
Booker T Washington
Martin Luther King Jr
Walter Williams
Thomas Sowell
CJ Walker
William Lloyd Garrison
First Black Congressman

William Lloyd Garrison

Booker T Washington
Thomas Sowell
Walter Williams
Martin Luther King J
CJ Walker

Harriet Tubman
John Brown
Black Congressman

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