Monday, January 9, 2017

Introducing the Basic Bible Study Method Online Course

For those of you who really could use a helping hand in how to study the scriptures this will probably be a very cost effective solution. Take a peek and start your learning today from your computer, in your home, at your leisure. I am going through the material, ease of access and overall manner by which the courses are designed. Simplicity is certainly in play here and the cost to do this is far less than a college course. Kudos to Pilgrims' Light Learning for what is being made available for those looking for great study methods!

bbsm-logoTen years ago I developed a method of studying the Bible for the very beginner. I was the assistant manager of a Family Christian Store after I came back from the mission field in Canada. Since I knew a lot about the Bibles and the Bible study tools I would help people find what they needed. As I did this I noticed that there were not many books on how to study the Bible. I looked at the ones we had and they began by giving a general overview of the entire Bible as an introduction. I thought, “This is really good information, but what if someone just wanted to find out the meaning of a single verse? Would they really spend all of this time trying get a general overview?” The two books we had would pretty much just sit there. When people asked for a book on Bible Study I would show them what we had but rarely would anyone purchase one.

I thought, “Why are there no books for beginners teaching the method of Bible study that I learned in Bible college?” I remember the first time the professor showed us his inductive method for studying the Bible. It really blew me away. I just sat there thinking why haven’t I heard of this before. We should be teaching everyone a method like this! So as I worked the floor at the Christian bookstore I thought “Well, if no one else is going to do it, I will!” So I developed a seven-step method and I called it the Basic Bible Study Method. I based the method on what I learned as a third year Bible college student, and I included all of the things I would help people with when they were looking for Study Bibles, Bible study tools, and knowledge on how to study the Bible.

I first made a little booklet and a CD-ROM that I printed and mailed out myself. I couldn’t believe it when I started getting orders from all over, even in the UK! I quickly became overwhelmed with filling the orders and maintaining everything else I do so the Basic bible Study Method just sat there for a while. Until just a few months ago when I go the idea to make it into an online course. I expanded and updated the booklet and put more of a focus on online tools. I made the Basic Bible Study Method booklet into a full color downloadable e-Book. I did a series of videos, and I uploaded all of the materials onto the course site. I got to work on it over the holidays and a few months later I now have it up and running. So I am introducing the Basic Bible Study Method to the internet. I made the first lesson available for free so that people can give it a go. To go to the site just click Basic Bible Study Method to check it out.

I love to study the Bible, it has given me so much benefit over the years it is my sincere hope that I can share what I have learned with others so they can benefit as well. One more thing I would like to say is: May God bless your efforts to study His Word.

Grace and Peace to You.
χάρις ὑμῖν καὶ εἰρήνη
כן ושלום לך

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