Sunday, January 22, 2017

GallBladder Removal, Welcome to 2017

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Michele, my wife has not had a very good new year thus far. We knew that her gallbladder was having issues going on a year. We were encouraged to try natural juicing, eating healthier etc, etc. What we did not realize was that her gallbladder was impacted with approximately 35 stones! Her doctor advised removal as soon as possible. Michele was scheduled a week later for surgery! On January 6, 2017

A complication arose while home recovering. Michele began to experience a debilitating pain in her right shoulder. (Michele is left handed) The pain was so severe Michele simply cried every time she had to move her arm The doctors were guessing about what was causing this pain.

I am happy to share that as of this post, Michele is doing much, much better! The speculation about a roving gas bubble within her diaphragm, communicating to her nervous system, which in turn was telling her brain, to broadcast pain to the shoulder will probably never be understood by this blog writer/husband? This is what the doctor's told to us."👀"

I was quite surprised when the doctor handed to me these pictures
I am posting these pictures of her actual gallbladder before and after because, my wife said she felt like a ball was in her side. The pictures spoke volumes to me. Well, the impacted gallbladder prior to surgery looked like a sack of potatoes! I was quite surprised to see what was causing the numerous problems that my wife was experiencing. This little sack was responsible for nausea, lower back problems, lack of appetite, lack of sleep, irritability, claustrophobic, and weakness.

Well, I am happy to say that Michele was sewing over the last couple of days. Her work was even recognized by . I am glad to see her business on Etsy allowing her a little bit of distraction from all that she has endured for the last several months.. It's also good to have her mending and getting back to a more normal routine.

Michele is still healing from laparoscopic entry incisions and not able to use her right arm completely. She has to move her arm in order to avoid another issue that could take hold so sewing is actually now become therapy

Check out her offerings on Etsy Click Here Consider purchasing something for someone who may be looking for exactly what my wife is producing...Go ahead, make her day!👌

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