Saturday, January 14, 2017

Developing RETURNING TO EDEN (our new show)

Hello (Jeff here,)
I entertained a discussion from a close friend and probably my number one financial supporter (We always need financial supporters, lol) My friend shared that he was trying to follow our 3rd show but struggled through much of it due to what he stated was "No specific point made" In considering his and possibly others who may be in agreement...Both Dinah and I would invite you all to consider our getting use to co-hosting as well as finding our comfort zone [as we share a ton of information, insights and propositions.] We are not cloning information but rather presenting information unfamiliar to most. We have a lot of ground to cover. Just considering that Adam was a High Priest, set apart, [set apart from what or from who you might ask(?)] is two, three or perhaps four shows in development.

We felt a need to spend a few shows in the beginning calling to your attention why the need to let down your filters (We all have them) concerning how YOU/we know the scriptures. Returning to Eden is about how they knew the Elohim of Israel based on the cultures, the societies and the structure, of how those people existed....Stay tuned (and thanks for following our broadcasts)

1st show on Messianic Lamb Radio Wednesday 1-04-2017

2nd show on Messianic Lamb Radio Wednesday 1/13/2017

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