Sunday, January 15, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Okay so let's take a moment to recap:

I am heading to Peru, asking for donations to take with me for RESTORING CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL. I am looking into a catered meal for like minded folks to help Restoring Children International an idea presented to me by Sara Palacios Heidemann
Rick Daviscourt the president of Restoring Children International is taking TORAH to his team rescues at risk, abused, very young girls. I am heading to Arequipa, Peru to help in anyway that I can late March. Taking your donations with me (Thank you)…

I am going to help with fundraising today via Messianic Lamb Radio. They put Dinah Dye and myself in their line up of shows. Now I am going to help them...[it takes money to do anything and it takes the family of GOD to provide it]...This is simply how we have to work in a fallen world. I am also learning how to engineer our show as well as edit the broadcasts for archiving...this is getting easy (Thankfully)

I am going to be running our company for three weeks while Nathan heads to Israel to serve HaYovel (with his brother, both have never been)...been doing some crash course training in the office stuff...its a lot to me!
I remember sharing TORAH with Nathan Grapes's brother, he thought we were sort of nuts..Now he is heading to Israel having reconnected the Scriptures back to Israel....and TORAH. (Yeah!!!!)

Michele is on the mend after surgery...yeah, doing much, much better
I have a meeting with the book keeper this week...TAX Time!
and I am reading this book which is....blowing up my brain!
Still writing my blog, my book.....and doing my YOU TUBE page
Please, consider helping me/Dinah with the show, the non profit for the girls and Messianic Lamb Radio....THANKS so much!
Now to get a catered meal for several Peruvians living here locally...ABBA, can I have a little bit more help?
I remember meeting Rick Daviscourt as he was walking down the isle for the first time at El Shaddai Ministries. I distinctly recall the RUACH (Holy Spirit) whisper, "SAY HELLO"...Rick and I have become brilliant friends but more than this...I see TORAH heading to Peru...The Elohim of Israel is amazing!...
All done!!!!

Thanks to everyone who is donating, contributing, and praying for the world of Jeff Morton....REALLY Thank you!

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