Saturday, January 21, 2017

And...I Am Writing A Book Too!

I have a lot of activity currently going on in my world. What I take the most pleasure in doing is promoting useful information and or people who serve the Kingdom of God and who support what God is doing through ISRAEL.

I also have several areas in my personal life that are challenging at the moment as well. My wife has been through a tumultuous start of the New Year physically which has been hard to watch her endure. Beginning next week, I will be managing Nathan's company for three weeks while he heads to Israel.

I also am setting up the PODCASTING for archiving the shows (RETURNING TO EDEN) that Dinah Dye and I are doing. I do the editing which is time consuming but, I am getting better at doing this.

My friend, Pastor Jason Swofford has developed an on-line study course which I am promoting...It is good to have a method of study when reading the Bible!
I am heading to Peru, managing the Fundly page...asking for your financial support to simply take with me for the benefit of Restoring Children International...

I am thrilled concerning the launch of Israel TV or ITVN

As always, I will continue to fight against the abuse and misrepresentation of what GOD created when he made humanity...[Namely racism, bigotry, and antisemitism WITHIN the body of Messiah].....

I have a lot of information on my blog and website concerning all of my recent activity…

For those of you who do financially give, in support of what I am doing, THANK YOU! You help me to promote much and be helpful to many!
Shabbat Shalom!

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