Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On A Personal Note:

The enemies of the Kingdom of God have used division, diversion, and deception as the principle means by which to destroy the principles or Torah and the commentary about the living Torah, otherwise known as the Gospels. Based on the statutes, commandments, and laws that GOD uses to govern all of creation I cannot support what is un-natural, what is racism, revenge, and violence. I have relatives who have removed me from their friends list i.e Facebook due to my life perspective. There are Jews who think I am ridiculous for following the "J-Man" Many Christians call me a heretic or insist that all I do is bash Christianity.

I live with all of the above in addition to my own faults and short comings with the knowledge that God is laser focused on this little, tiny blue ball suspended in a universe that is also incomparable.

So for me division, diversion, deception, and destruction are what we struggle with. The Creator of life is not struggling at all about anything going on anywhere in Creation, I so understand this!
I choose to be on his team, following his ways, and standing for his plan. That plan is so much bigger than injustice, prejudice and bigotry, racism, antisemitism and rejection.

I was not born to be a black man. Rather, I was born to be a Godly man.....
To my children, my family members, Christian brothers and sisters, Jewish brothers & sisters and neighbors I pray that you all replace division, diversion, deception and destruction with the righteous liberty that governs THY KINGDOM COME.

Jeremiah 11:16 And the LORD said unto me: 'Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, saying: Hear ye the words of this covenant, and do them.

Psalm 25:10 All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth Unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.

John 13:17 “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.”
1 John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we should keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.

Romans 2:13 For the hearers of the law are not righteous before God, but the doers of the law will be declared righteous.

James 1:22 But be you doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

James 1:25 But everyone who gazes into The Perfect Law of Liberty and continues in it, he is not a hearer who heard what is forgotten, but is a doer of the works, and this one shall be blessed in his work.

EXODUS 34:6-7  And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed: 'The LORD, the LORD, God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth; keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin; and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and unto the fourth generation.'

These are the reasons that I cannot be the color of my skin, accepting of un-natural unions, condoning the killing of children in the womb, revenge, bigotry, antisemitism and hatred
I agreed to honor the covenant(s) made with Israel with regard to the coming of the Messiah and I did so based on the blood of the lamb and the instruction of the coming KING of the Jews who redeems the nations

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Way, The Kingdom, The Revelation

As Long As The Pagan Practices Feel Like Jesus (we are okay with them)....Huh?

Do the pagan practices, adopted by Rome, which are fluid in much of traditional Christianity teach us about GOD? Or did we make Jesus conform to the Pagan practices

The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who were led out of ancient Egypt kept Egyptian idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices did not enter the promised land as a result

The children who did enter the promised land kept the idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices of the pagan communities surrounding them, the Kingdom of Israel was divided as a result.

The generations that followed the children of those who entered the promised land kept the idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices of the surrounding nations. The Temple was destroyed, the two Kingdoms of Israel were eventually dispersed.........

This is exactly what the Prophet Ezekiel shared as a summary based on the behavior of ancient Israel Ezekiel 20

The oppression of Rome which allowed Israel to exist as a vassal state adopted some of the teachings of Moses and Shaul (Paul) adding them to the idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices of Roman-Greco society which gave birth to Catholicism.

The birth of Catholicism, a mixture of the gods of Zeus, Apollo, Helena and the writings of the disciples and letters of Paul gave birth to much of

The concepts, construct and narrative about what the God of Israel was and is doing through Israel have been removed now for nearly 1900 years. The church is now the center of Christianity...Not Israel or what God is doing through his nation. We un-grafted ourselves from ISRAEL

Most of Christianity does not know what God commanded to be the festivals practiced or why? Nor does most of Christianity understand the thought behind the entire TORAH or in deed, the entire Tanakh! While at the same time the Brit Chadasha, used in most churches world wide has no Hebraic influence whatsoever..............

However, it's what the heart feels that matters more? Not what God commanded?
(According to the Scriptures.....that's a lie!)

So how is the lie working for America these days?

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Rise of the Shiite Caliph or Sunni Caliph Courtesy of The United States of America

The Godless in America are living through a repeating history and....they don't know it. 
The church is living in a made up history and it does not know it.

I have said for nearly 8 years that the Presidency of Barack Obama represents a judgment against the United States of America due in part to the debauchery, immorality, corruption, and willful rejection of Biblical precedent. I have said this and have consistently said (Not Prophetically) that our nation is detaching itself from the GOD of creation while at the same time thumbing our nose at the authority of Almighty God. I have said too, that how our nation continues to move away from Godly principles will cause the core of our society to get much, much, much worse. This president opened a door that I feel will only be closed by a contrite nation!

Barack Obama is responsible for returning 150 billion dollars to Iran (For those who do not understand the tenants of Sharia or Islamic history you will have absolutely no clue as to what this decision represented) Suffice it to say, our nation not only bent down and kissed Iranian butt, we also proved to them that allah has given our nation over to Islam. We effectively became the number one sponsorship of Iranian terrorism on this planet!

400 Million to Iran...Pay to Play? Click Here
Iran has said repeatedly and openly that they are building a nuclear infrastructure to combat cancer. They have also said that Israel is the cancer in the land of allah and must be eradicated.

We are witnessing a battle brewing in the land of the Bible between Sunni & Shiite Islam as the return of the caliphate rises. Who will rule the world under their Islamic scenario, under Sharia is what this epic battle is all about. The American high school student, college student and vast majority of liberal citizenry is about as dumb on this subject as are rocks under a porch! Need Proof? The American liberal thinks Islam is a peaceful religion (They govern the most Colleges, National Teachers Association, the Media and Stupidity....Nuff Said! 

I personally feel that a spiritual blindness is covering the American landscape as part of a wider judgment as well....

I have listed a few YOU TUBE videos that help the rocks understand what is really happening. Perhaps you will begin to connect the dots as to just what the American President or rather who the American President supports concerning the Epic Battle shaping up in the Middle East. Trust me, he does not support colonial America.......

The fact that Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States of America with the ever growing possibility that the man she is married to will once again occupy the White House is for me a picture of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, repeating (1 Kings 16:30-30)! The character of both historical figures having the dubious honor of moving through the centuries vicariously through individuals....It appears to be our turn to meet this sort of evil. Courtesy of the nation surrendered to Skin Color and the first Female President.......You get what you vote for!

A personal recommendation 
If you want to understand what is happening that truly encompasses a Biblical read on what this article is sharing please order this book by my friend Bill Cloud

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I ordered the DVD documentary, "THE WAY" earlier today for just $14.99 (Shipping cost will make your purchase just under $20.00) An option to download for $12.99 is also available

A friend of mine saw my Facebook conversation about the movie calling to invite me to his home to watch the documentary. He downloaded it and was having the men (from the group of guys that use to meet in my home) over to watch the presentation. The group of men still meet weekly, Wednesday nights.

My review (Keep it simple)
The presentation is well done, very well done! Several people that I know personally are in the film.
The documentary begins by examining what the Bible says, verses what or how the church (Christianity) teaches the scriptures. Individual testimonies of several people are shared as they began to question their Sunday "Churchianity" Several shared of how the Spirit of God began tugging on their hearts to examine the scriptures themselves as opposed to listening to a sermon.

The Biblical Sabbath, Dietary Laws, and Biblical Festival are presented with detailed explanations about how the church incorporated many, many pagan practices replacing what is written according to Scripture. Virtually everything that is challenged within the documentary is explained using the Bible as the source material.

At one point evangelist Pat Robertson is presented using clips from CBN confirming many of the pagan practices adopted by the church.

The theological commentary of several Christian Pastors are also presented who address why THE WAY is irrelevant explaining that Jesus ended much of "Old Testament" thought.

The producers of this film address just about everything that happens to those people who choose to leave the Sunday churches as well as those people asked to leave the Sunday churches. Equally, they address the difficulty and problems that arise within the community of believers who return to the Torah and forget about love or worse, the resurrection of Messiah altogether. 

Would I show this documentary to others, especially Christian believers, absolutely! Do I think what was intended is accomplished...yes! I have a few concerns about the film but they are so minor that mentioning them at this point would simply serve distraction. 

Order the DVD or download the presentation, do your own research and share your thoughts! 
I for one am very glad this effort is now available!

Meet the Creators

Luke, the director, is an award-winning journalist and videographer and Kayte, the producer, is a professional musician and non-fiction writer. We’re a husband and wife team and The Way is our first feature length film.

What we’ve learned in documenting this movement are things we'd never heard in church—and we went to church all our lives. We’re so excited to share this story with you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to make "Colored People" Jump, Sing, Dance, and Riot via the Media

Far too many black communities long ago succumbed to social engineering due to a huge influence by the media. In this way, "Critical Thinking" is absent in many Black Democrat Communities. Poverty, Corruption, Unemployment, Welfare, Gangs (LGBT) driven Education, along with a drone like mentality have long ago replaced personal responsibility and accountability in many, many black communities around the country. Community organizers along with a tremendous influence of black communist leadership create division, racial anger and strife virtually with the snap of their fingers (Like the crack of a whip) and black folks react almost instantaneous. Black Lives Matters for example is a lesbian based organization funded by organizations and corporations that many of the people listed in this post either work for or own!

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
Click Here

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
Click Here

ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
Click Here

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama's Deputy Press Secretary
Click Here

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama's Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton's Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
Click Here
"For the record, Ben Sherwood's sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is the Special Assistant to Barack Obama.
Virginia Moseley's husband, Tom Nides, is the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

"Yessir Boss, I's be right deeeeeeer!"
Meanwhile, an executive of Costco or Comcast is possibly discussing what to pay Al Sharpton to bobble his way up to the next black neighborhood burnt to the ground by unemployed, drop outs, within what use to be called the black family

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One -

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

Planned ParentHood Founder, Margaret Sanger: On blacks, immigrants and indigents:
"...human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born." Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people.

Mission Control, we have women walk into planned parenthood like folks shopping at Costco. And black communities vote Democrat now going on 60 years! Pop the cork, this calls for a celebration!
Do you think it will be this easy with those Hispanic folks?

This blogger is going to keep learning about the Biblical Creator.....because, I cannot possibly participate in the maintenance of the "PLANTATION NATION"

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Backdoor in the Bible

A Backdoor in the Bible

To My Friends in Faraway Places,

We are finally back in our Australian home office for a few more SPIM bulletins yet to come.

With overflowing files from Jerusalem incitement to the Jihad Jockeys across the USA, it’s hard to know where to get started again. Donald vs. Hillary could be a bizarre beginning, but bizarre by whose books? Trump did say that she and her boss were responsible for creating ISIS which does sound a bit weird—unless we dig into the archives of deception over the past few years. And a WND author has done just that!

A 2012 Pentagon report had warned that the Administration was indeed creating ISIS--aka Daesh-- predicting the President’s current policies would lead to an Islamic State in Syria.

Journalist Art Moore had already warned 4 years ago that the President’s policies would lead to such a state, predicting that the leadership vacuum being created would open the door to an ISIS bloodbath of Daesh domination across the embattled states of Iraq and Syria. However, it was willfully ignored by Washington. But now to a tempest of disbelief, this is exactly what Trump brought out into the open last week. His sarcasm included perhaps, but IT WAS TOTALLY ACCURATE!

Trump’s disclosure at last week's campaign rally that "the President and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS” drew knee-jerk outrage from establishment media (who loathe the lucidity of Trump anyway). But while the Republican nominee brushed it off as only a bit of sarcasm, a more conclusive Defense Intelligence Agency had already reported that the cover-up had been declassified last year, noting that the administration had been warned in 2012 should it continue its policies, a radical Islamic regime would emerge in Eastern Syria.

Also writing in Chronicles Magazine, Jim Jatras, a former U.S. Diplomat and Foreign Policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership, cited a parallel DIA report in August 2012 that was declassified and released last year under a Freedom of Information Act requested from Judicial Watch.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time under President Obama, and the report warned “there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria, and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

Several months later, ISIS did indeed declare itself a state straddling the Syria-Iraq border. Trump has been exonerated, and any residual egg on his face has now been transferred to the countenances of his crooked critics! Analyst Jatras also pointed out that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, currently a Trump advisor, took over as head of Defense Intelligence Agency a month before the report was issued.

“Whether it was his personal effort to caution the administration or simply the professional analysts in the DIA apparatus laying out the facts as they saw them, the 2012 report really made no difference,” Jatras writes.

In an interview last year with Al Jazeera, Flynn said the formation of an ISIS state (i.e. Daesh)wasn’t a matter of the administration turning a “blind eye.” It was a “wilful decision. The administration’s “willful blindness” was exposed as never before from the chicanery of the Decade.

In a parody of political cover-up: “See Something, Say Nothing" was Homeland Security Officers' exposé of the Government’s Submission to Jihad written by former DHS officer Philip Haney and WND Editor Art Moore.

The full report has been published by and should be available on request as well as much more at:

But now with the understanding of the full complicity of Washington, let’s move on to a Prophetic Backdoor in the Bible as our title suggests.

This opening preface as a Whodunit framework of the ISIS blood-letting mob was necessary to link into our tell-all title: A Backdoor in the Bible. that is, what does the Good Book have to do with this anyway? We shall see.

In the event you thought the Bible was only for sure-fire steps to sanctity, let’s have a good look at that back door and who might use it? Could that be the one that will be offered to such as Donald Trump for janitorial purposes of long-overdue house cleaning on political corruption? If that sounds a bit bizarre—is it bizarre by whose books? Certainly not the Bible’s, and definitely not if we check out the full scenario!

A good place to start is Jeremiah 25:3 and Jer. 27:6, where the Almighty tells Jeremiah twice that a problematic pagan King Nebuchadnezzar is the Most High's own selected servant, and goes on to say in Jer. 27:8 what will happen to any nation that does not pick up the plot of the Most High’s use for janitor service!

But if we can’t catch the connection on these 2 openers, let’s try adding Jeremiah 43:10 for a third witness as the Good Book says 2 or 3 witnesses are all you need:

“This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: I will send for my servant, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and I will set his throne (over this place)…”

The King of the Universe does not necessarily need a powerhouse from the pulpit to clean house ln the 21st Century version of again bowing to ancient Baal’s pride, power or prestige as in by-gone Israel.

But it wasn’t only the Bully of Babylon who got a unique assignment as the Most High’s janitor-in-chief.

We have a couple more quotes in Exodus 9:16—“But I have raised you up (Pharaoh) for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” plus the identical quote in Romans 9:17:”For Scripture says to Pharaoh: ‘I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Get it? So that the perversity of a pagan Pharaoh was majestically morphed into Eternity for Divine purpose!

Yet perhaps the best example of the mundane serving the magnificent was the role assigned to pagan King Cyrus of Persia (aka Iran) to effect the restoration of Solomon’s razed temple that it once again grace the skyline of Jerusalem.

Check it out clearly in Ezra 1:2 through Ezra chapter 6. A secular Persian King—most likely a bit up-scale from the Ayatollah’s—was tagged for service as the offspring of Abraham looked on! It’s also in 2 Chronicles 36:23 so we won’t have to count Trump’s gold stars from his Sunday-School era to see if he still fills the bill.

Thus, it wouldn’t be the first time the Creator took a bit of clay to make His designer Fix-it Man and then usher him in through a Biblical backdoor. It has nothing to do with redemption, but everything to do with trash removal. Perhaps it’s time the other political Gurus even got lost somewhere between south-Chicago and Benghazi!

Not sure what you yourself think of Donald Trump, but again, Big-Media hates him like he loathes Political Correctness which is an honesty that many of us can’t even comprehend. Hypocrisy may be the better word.

Moreover, when two of the most ludicrous lefties that ever leaked out of political limbo, judge the billionaire with epithets like inexperienced, inept and incredibly incapable, you know that we might have struck a match. It takes one to know one, we understand!

It takes an ordinary shepherd boy like this, with a slingshot and a few stones that the Most High likes to pull out of obscurity and call him “my servant” for a unique purpose.

The Scriptures in Daniel 12:2 and Matthew 24:21-22 tell us that the last days will bring us a pinnacle of problems like never was and never will be again.

Let's see was his name Donald or is it David?

Let’s prayerfully probe what will happen in the next 90 days or so! The good news is that the Ancient of Days has been there before!

Blessings and Shalom,

Victor Schlatter
South Pacific Island Ministries
SPIM CONTINUES ON FACEBOOK with lesser edited must- read articles than our more formally researched MEAL BULLETINS.  Keep an eye out for them on

The Biological, Biblical and Day Timer of our Creator's introduction to...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Review of "God's Day Timer" by Mark Biltz

Visit El Shaddai's (website store to order) Click Here

Moses was reintroducing the GOD of Creation to a people who had been made to worship the god of Egypt. He did so by sharing the story of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, 
an historical account of Almighty God through the lives of people. 
On Amazon
Moses was never in the Garden of Eden however, he restored a people back to what the Garden experience provoked. It would appear historically that God is forever raising up individuals to help us return to his plans, his appointed times, his day timer! 

While reading Mark Biltz's introduction alone, I could readily see that one day an event happened that changed the course of his life. 

Moses had a similar experience. He too, wrote about the appointed times of Almighty God. Day one, day two, day three and so forth, are also appointed times. Everything that was done is planned. 

Probably the most remarkable thing about this book is how Mark Biltz helps all of us, both Jew and non Jew realize that we are still part of the story. Our lives were appointed for such a time as this. 

We are collectively still on God's calendar. "God's Day Timer" will help the reader to return to the beginning! To return to the source of the plan but also help the reader to see how the plan of God is constructed. 

Learning about that "Jewish stuff" actually helps all of us to learn about the King of the Jews and about what is appointed for the restoration of all of mankind back to the on-going plan.

This book helps you participate in what may be the most spectacular time in human history. I think, after reading this book a measure of "Critical Thinking" will also be restored!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

YOU OH LORD are my refuge!

If you teach an Arab child from birth that he must follow Islam while theologically hating Israel how much love for the Jewish people do you think that Arab will have by the time he is 21?

If you tell a European Child from the time he is born that the Jews killed Jesus and that their synagogues is a den for satan with theological doctrine that support this position how easy will it be for this child at the age of 21 to not know Yeshua, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

If you teach people around the world that black folks are cattle and enslave them for 1400 years how angry, distrustful, and dysfunctional will many, throughout their generations become?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fishing With Westport Charters

Yesterday (August 14, 2016) my wife and I joined Mark Moses, Nathan and Caleb Grapes along with nine strangers for a day of fishing out of Westport, Washington. We boarded the Cormorant  at 5:00 A.M. The Captain of the Cormorant Jonathan Sawin, (Johnny) greeted us as we boarded. He provided a quick, informative overview of how the day was to unfold.
Okay, so let me set the scene.....It is 5:00 A.M and a young kid introduces himself as the Captain of 50 foot boat that fourteen people have just boarded for a fishing excursion out into the Pacific Ocean. After Johnny welcomed us he asked, "Does anyone have any questions?" I immediately asked, "How old are you?"...."I am 22 Sir!"

We made our way out of the marina with two other deck hands, David and Patrick on board. By the time we arrived at the first stop for fishing several of us had been tossed about, churned, flip, flopped and totally overcome with motion sickness. Even though the Captain guided the boat gently through about 5 to 6 foot swells the motion sickness was waiting for about half of the passengers. My wife, Michele was the first to make it known that she was going to be sick.

After Michele coated the floor (inside of the cabin) David (deck hand) graciously and expeditiously provided a container for my wife as he began to clean up the floor. He was very kind and generous as he took care of a rather unpleasant moment. In fact, the reason that I thought to write this post is a direct response to the brilliant, highly professional, extremely efficient manner by which Johnny and his crew Patrick and David served all of us via Westport Charters located in Westport, Washington
Click Here.

I am always, always quick to mention excellent service when the quality of service is outstanding! Throughout this trip with several of us, myself included, vomiting, nauseous, so not use to the motion of the ocean, David and Patrick, ran around this boat untangling crossed fishing lines, re-baiting hooks, doing what ever 14 people needed. I watched these young men walk around this boat as if they were on dry ground providing excellent service to all of the guest for nine hours. I know that I speak for many on board, these three young men were simply OUTSTANDING!
I had a moment to speak with Captain Johnny sharing with him how pleased many of us were with their performance!

At the end of the day we caught, collectively 141 fish most of which were filleted, bagged, and ready for us before we arrived back at the dock. These three very young men accomplished doing that as well.
 For approximately nine hours these three very young men epitomized serving others. They took very good care of all of us. It would be remiss (for those of you who know me in business) to not write this post!
Westport Charters 
2411 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595 

Not to sure about another day of fishing and vomiting (apparently my sea legs vanished several years after Navy service.) However, should I decide to do this again Westport Charters, the Comorant, Captain Johnny, along with David and Patrick are reason enough to return to Westport, Washington. Thank you so much!

And yes, it is true...I was the only one to catch a salmon weighing in at 5lbs 7oz!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Family Policy Institute is still fighting LUNACY

Thursday, August 11, 2016 | 

Dear Friends,

Last month, FPIW was approached for help by a well-known and radical progressive feminist.  
This person, once deeply embedded in the political left, asked if we would be willing to help them blow the whistle on a story that the left was deliberately choosing to ignore:

One of the transgender community's most vocal activists, who has appeared at the White House, United State of Women, and across numerous television programs, admitted to raping another individual in March.  Specifically, this trans woman (biologically male), raped a trans man (biologically female). Yet, despite this reality, and in total disregard for the victim, the entire story has been swept under the rug by the media.

Read an excerpt from the gut-wrenching article here:

"For reasons of personal safety and livelihood, I can’t tell you who I am. But I can tell you this much: I’m a progressive feminist who has spent years working on the front lines of the left. I have opposed conservatism my entire political life in the most strident of terms; under other circumstances, I wouldn’t admit to even reading this site. 

Yet, I’ve known for a while that questioning the official narrative of transgender activism (a cause championed wholeheartedly and without question by nearly everyone on the left) can get you blacklisted from media and political work.
People I thought of as friends and colleagues have turned into thought police, and anyone who dares to question the official line is intimidated into capitulation and silence -- or forced to find another line of work. So I’m writing you like this, here, to ask you to think carefully about the public safety impacts of the story you’re about to read.

On March 26th, 2016, there was a certain rape.  Let me be more specific: a prominent transgender (born male) activist raped another transgender (born female) person and bragged about it on the Internet.

Both the details of the event and the larger circumstances matter, because the truth matters.
Cherno BikoCherno Biko is a transgender woman. As Co-Chair of the Young Women's Advisory Council for New York City, Biko is deeply embedded in a movement that strongly invests in forcing all public speech to contort itself around the idea that transgender women, who are biologically male, are instead biologically female and always have been."

Click to read the full story hereand let us know what you think onFacebook and Twitter.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

RELIGION is killing all of us! [ONE FOR ISRAEL]
There are 2139 blog posts on my blog. Today I had over 834 visitors. I would say that probably 1/3 of the articles on this blog rail against religion. My reason for this is due to an historical account of people being slaughter because of the never ending perversion of our Creator, dominant in every culture, every century, every interpretation! Currently, people are dying all over the globe because of yet another god, religion and homicidal monsters worshiping lunacy!

Well, today I saw a video that brought me to tears. Notably, two Jews recalling an historical account via Israel of The ALMIGHTY coming to Israel, as a man....These two men make abundantly clear a portion of the plan of redemption.
Why? Precisely because of all the gods we have invented due to rejecting the plan of the one who made all of us and everything else!

The plan proceeded our vacating it by choosing to do what Cain did...murder! Cain placed into the psychology of a fallen humanity...murder!

The following video tells us how the plan has always been about life. Our redeemer came to us many, many, times! Ultimately, dying in order that we might!
Consider watching what Almighty GOD placed into the nation of Israel (his creation by the way) via ONE FOR ISRAEL, thank you!

Not one word of the following do I reject

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ETHNOS (Ethnic) Wars only exist on this planet!

Pastor Mark Biltz
Yesterday I listened to an archived radio interview with Pastor Mark Biltz (My pastor) At one point during the interview Pastor Mark reference Matthew 24:7 (I have heard him say this a few times)

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."
The word used for "Nations" is actually more defined as Ethnic

ethnos: a race, a nation, pl. the nations

Original Word: ἔθνος, ους, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: ethnos
Phonetic Spelling: (eth'-nos)
Short Definition: a race, people, the Gentiles
Definition: a race, people, nation; the nations, heathen world, Gentiles.

As we witness the idiocy of "Black Lives Matter" Or the ethnic war between Ukraine and Russia or any number of ethnic clashes among people the verse in Matthew resonates.

We are witnessing a spiritual incitement against one another because of Ethnicity. What God has purposed for his majesty we are allowing yet another perversion against what he has created because of a lack of Knowledge and Reverence!

Again, the known universe, as vast as it is, was not created to comprehend Racism, Bigotry, Antisemitism and Hatred. This is a unique attribute to living...lost, disconnected, powerless, and ignorant to the vastness of our Creator. The Universe exists due to the Laws of GOD which we "Toss under the bus!"

Psalm 119:1 Happy are they that are upright in the way, Who walk in the law of the LORD.

We continue to magnify, stubbornly magnify, our lack of wisdom justifying doing so based on a total lack appreciation for being suspended in a Universe too gigantic to comprehend. We ignore the miracle! We repeat a pattern of stupidity in the same way the days, the months and the years repeat the progression of life! As a result we live with...death!

We kill, murder, rape, and hate one another because we do not appreciate the GLORY OF THE LORD! Rather we elevate pride, vengeance and payback.....the Attributes of satan!
As one example: The term African America overrides the truth which is, "We are created in the image of God" which means his attributes. However, we adopt the attributes of satan and live under those laws, that kingdom!.......Name for me something dumber?

I understand that as long as we see race as a justification for being, the power of hell will always have victims within what is created for Life........Life Matters!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Joshua Aaron is Taller Than I Thought?
A couple of years ago I reached out to Joshua Aaron asking, 'Can I play your music on my radio show, Un-Coloring Race (Blog Talk)' He graciously responded, "Sure!"
I thought (about his music) that he offered a bridge for the Christian audience to remember that our Biblical understanding is born through Israel. Joshua was singing American Christian songs in Hebrew, writing songs that every Christian could relate to but restoring a Hebrew originality to the lyric, the music. His music is a natural bridge for the Christian who is being restored to the graft, if you will or, albeit, the common wealth of Israel!

During last night's concert at El Shaddai Ministries, while listening to Joshua Aaron's wonderful presentation I thought (For the first time perhaps) the Jewish people did not have millions of Christians returning to our Hebraic Roots during the horror that was Hitler. The Jews did not have the support of millions of Christians rejecting the antisemitic teachings of many of the church fathers. (I am writing a book about their horrible affect on all of us)
For such a time as this a great deal of what was missing is now growing, exponentially! I might also add, what a perfect time to have available to us the music of Joshua Aaron! Support his work, purchase his music. 

"He does the BODY good!"

Monday, August 8, 2016

Insemination Is A Pattern of What Exactly?

The following are two posts that
I made on Facebook
I had a moment while driving across this nation with HaShem. I have been thinking about it for several days now. My daughter, her son and I arrived at 11:30 PM Wednesday night. I have sat down to make a video about this a few times but cannot adequately relate what I experienced....Okay, so let me just shoot this out here for the sake of theory:

I saw the earth as like an egg moving towards the womb. (I have thought about this many, many times.) While driving to Cabot, Arkansas I was thinking how big this earth is. Then suddenly I saw the image of the earth as an egg! Listening to HaShem while driving the thought popped into my head,

"Wait Until I Arrive, Watch What Happens!"

I immediately saw the chaos occurring in the earth brought to order as if a sperm had penetrated the earth....That's it!
I have been stuck on this thought for several days trying to wrap my mind around the concept.......

I have watched countless YOU TUBE videos about how tiny the earth is in comparison to the rest of the Universe...and GOD is coming here! The pattern of life, insemination, and order to the cellular structure of the egg, to the earth, will not leave my thoughts? Just how amazing is the plan of GOD.....Wow, mind boggling!

I don't want to sound nutty but this is what has been pervasive in my thoughts for as long.
Man, I keep trying to say something let me try again.....

If we have an all out Nuclear exchange with countries set a blaze, catastrophic radiation sickness, chemical and biological deaths by the millions most of the known universe won't even know that it happened. To the "Unknown Universe" what we have done to ourselves wont even register as a blip!.......

What we do to one another, say to one another, treat one another is limited to the size of this earth and the activity therein

To the Universe what is racism, bigotry, antisemitism!...NOTHING, Absolutely nothing. Therefore, why practice this idiocy, why dislike anyone? Why treat anyone with disdain. Near as I can tell we humans are the only thing existing in chaos!

And so far life anywhere else is not found.....

We don't even register as a pixel within our own universe and yet we are a complete mess on this planet and the biggest miracle known!...Considering this is mind boggling.

What is GOD doing here that is so amazing, incomprehensible?
This is what is fascinating to me.

He brings order to Chaos. Nearly two years ago I stopped arguing doctrine because, it all seems so...ridiculous to be honest!
1 Corinthians 14:33 
Because GOD is not chaotic, 
but peaceful, as in all the assemblies of The Holy Ones.