Monday, February 29, 2016

Rabbi Mesa, Rabbi Shapira, "The Debate"

I am posting this without having watched it...Going to do that with you all

February 28 or 20 Adar 1

I know Rabbi Shapira, he is a friend. I have spoken with him many, many times. My previous conversations with Rabbi Mesa i.e Facebook were confrontational and condescending.
I believed Jesus/Yeshua or God in the flesh renewed the covenant with Israel broken at Sinai. I understand Rabbi Mesa's disdain for the Christian/Catholic construct of Western religion....I simply do not believe with a religious template and I could care lest what part of the world religion is raised up in
Honoring our neighbors is not a religious idea but rather a Kingdom Principal and Torah Law! 
1 John (Y'Canon proper) 3:4  Everyone who keeps sinning is violating Torah — indeed, sin is violation of Torah.

Nazi Germany to ISIS, "Here You Come Again!"

I was watching a program a few days ago for much of the day. One of those continuous History Channel programs segmented out over several hours. [Although, I don't think it was the history channel, per say?] The program gave a detailed account of Germany's war effort from invading Poland to France to Russia. I watched intently about 5 hours of this documentary culminating with America's eventual entering the war and, of course Japan's attacking Pearl Harbor I have no idea what the name of the documentary is, such is the shape of my memory these days. I thought to write it down but failed to actually do it.....I think it was on A&E...(hmmmm, let me see if I can find it.)

Not sure if it was the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp) or some other documentary. Nevertheless, I was captivated watching the account offered. I don't know much about WWII so the information, historical account, and overall snapshot of how the war was fought was fascinating on this particular day. I could not shut it off watching again, about five hours total. Truth be told, I was wondering throughout the programming, "God what were you doing, while we were killing each other?"

Eventually, the program addressed with a generous amount of detail the liberation of the extermination camps of Nazi Germany. As often is the case when these historical atrocities are recalled whether, Germany, Armenian genocide, the Arab slavers, European and or American slave trading or the current Islamic genocide (which is building in momentum, not subsiding) my entire spirit twists with an agony ripe with horror and disbelief!

The propensity to kill and destroy one another is as common as is the rise and fall of religious lunatics and or political monsters. Less we forget the insane who somehow manage to come to power causing great destruction and death. These are all as common to mankind as is hating our neighbors. We continue to hate making room for the despots to rise up and lead war!

Using the words of Professor Arthur 'Skip' Moen
"The further we get from God the less human we become."

Well, in my life time I have watched humanity leap, with great dexterity away from our Creator, the Great,  I AM. Unlike Nazi Germany the world has an arsenal of weaponry that can kill entire cities, states, and countries with in a few hours. The propensity to commit this type of war leaped, on steroids, it would seem with what is best called, inhumanity at this point!

The future is created by what has happened in the past. Wisdom has not been a cornerstone in how mankind constructs its future, just look at our past!

ISIS has dirty bomb, confirmed
Russia and Nato....and Turkey "Oh My"

What sort of video's will be made retelling what we have done to one another moving forward?
Well, ISIS is already dialing into the Hollywood, video game world, killing while filming our neighbors....Here comes death once again!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shutting down the radio broadcast while living with Gout?

Gout is extremely painful!!!!! Oh My Gosh!
Yup, my left foot looks like this one...with a little color of course lol!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pompeii Animation

I thought this is..... amazing! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

About Facebook

Facebook is like existing in a box of matches on a shelf in a gigantic warehouse. The only people you get to talk with are those in the box with you. The warehouse does not even know you are on the self in a box, within a box.....The one saving grace is that the people in your box...are amazing!

Jeff is no longer in the box! I am walking around the warehouse and I may even start looking for the exit door!

My YOU TUBE activity will most likely increase. You see, I don't ever want to shut up and go away!

Nuff Said!


When I transitioned from working in the restaurant business to the plumbing and drain cleaning world I took with me several years of management and management training. I had taken various management courses and training seminars while on the job training to actually run a restaurant. Years ago and after serving in the US Navy I obtained several certificates, from more than a few Dale Carnegie courses on business, leadership, and employee relations. While moving up the corporate line in the food service industry I learned a great deal about people. All the while I had very little appreciation for my career. Truth be told, I was not satisfied, I wanted to do more. I wanted to own a company which I eventually did, two of them

When I crossed over into the plumbing world a growing drug addiction to crack cocaine went with me. Yup, I made the worse mistake of my adult life, drugs! The addiction produced a defeated, dishonest, and self loathing individual who was now a father, husband, and business entrepreneur. Yup, something was wrong.....I felt dead inside, I really did!
Everything that I was doing lacked personal integrity. The war happening in my soul was nuclear in nature. I was trying to do something impossible. I was trying to hide a drug addiction while portraying a normal life.

Behind the walls of my home(s) were the eyes, ears, and growing lives of my children. I don't think that most of us, (I might be wrong) who are on the other side of parenting young children realize how much our kids inherit from us, from our behavior.
I am watching my children from outside of their lives live what they inherited, it is not easy! In fact, it is almost impossible. I have great kids with strong, diversified personalities. I also have kids who create their own problems along with the problems we all face or have to face as they try to manage their adult lives. They learned how dad did things and so this is how they do things....Oh my God if I could only do it over again and do it better so that my kids, my adult children would not have had some of the examples they now live with! What I was able to do was swear never to drag my family through the lies of addiction. I swore never to return to that crap choosing instead to try to rebuild my family. I am starting to think this is life's hardest challenge?

I remember one day back in February 1998 getting on my knees (In  my apartment) and praying. I prayed, "God, if you are real you have to show me, you have to be more than a Sunday morning conversation. God, I don't want to do this world if this is all it amounts to!"
No, I was not suicidal, I was simply at the end of me! I had nothing left in my spirit to work with. My children were becoming teenagers and I was becoming catatonic! I remember asking God to stop the madness of drug addiction, to stop me. It was Valentine's day! Three days later I was in a terrible car accident while driving to a business meeting.

Within three months from the date of the accident, I was drug free! That happened over night and after that prayer. I was completely and totally delivered from crack cocaine for about a month but, now laying in a hospital having suffered a brain aneurysm! The doctors thought I should have died two weeks earlier and that I would probably need neurological care if I survived the surgery. Everything was in flux! This all happened nearly 18 years ago.

Today, I know God...Not as a Christian person or Jesus freak or even person of faith! I know The Creator of Israel and all of the nations. What I know about God most Christian have no concept of. What I know is tied intrinsically to Israel not the church or a denomination. What I know is what I prayed for in 1998. I know that why we are here is gigantic and worth everything that we go through. In fact, it is far more worthy a thing to go through this life as opposed to being defeated while making this journey. I cannot imagine trying to exist in this world without knowing....GOD!

My children are not there.....
A different kind of pain now moves around in my spirit. My love for my children is without question but I see all of them stuck trying to survive as opposed to leaping for joy, living with satisfaction, living with expectation far beyond just doing life! Sure, I see the insanity surrounding mankind and the difficulties we face. I even see the so called, "End Time" scenarios lining up! I just don't live in that place. I live with all of my failures, my short comings, my mistakes, and my foolishness, in the knowing... that I am a child of God, a citizen of His Kingdom. Their is not a moment in my life whereby I live disconnected from this fact.

Nevertheless, I am at a place where my family is weighing hard on my spirit. I have had to take a break, think about a few things, and spend a few days with HaShem, Yahweh, Adonia Tsavuot! I have learned to take a step back and stop swirling around in the abyss, so to speak. I have no idea what to do or how to do it.......

What I do know how to do is write about it, share it and ask for others to pray with me. It is what our biblical family must do. Perhaps in a few days I will look at this post and have a different feeling, or a different emotion. Perhaps I will have an answer from my LORD, my Savior, my God.........What I have right now is knowing HE IS THERE.
I no longer get catatonic, I get comfortable in the arms of the one who saves and I rest. That's what knowing God is all about for me 18 years later.

Currently, I must cut costs and increase my earnings while I pray for my family. It is just that simple, LORD willing!

Isaiah 49:25 But thus saith the LORD: Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, And the prey of the terrible shall be delivered; And I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, And I will save thy children.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shutting down the Radio Broadcast

banner for facebook
The Jeff Morton Report is in hiatus.
Due to several factors I am suspending broadcasting the Jeff Morton Report radio broadcast. The dollars necessary to promote the program have largely come from one sponsor. The show has not supported itself through listener-ship and or sponsorship. Equally, the number of listeners to the program were not significant enough for me to continue asking you to sponsor and or promote something I thought a worthy thing to do. Our main sponsor was willing to keep funding the program due to those who listened to my show regularly but folks, the numbers just are not there to justify allowing the show to continue.

The email is deactivated please use

(I also am shutting down all Facebook activity........)
Thanks so much for your support along the way. I really, really appreciate what we did and were trying to do.

Friday, February 19, 2016

So, what part of the story will others read about YOU?

Professor Skip Moen inspired a thought within my spirit that has been pervasive most of this week.
He used the term "Tribal Story" concerning the historic relationships of the people we read about in the scriptures. Well, you and I have a story. Suppose for a moment that the Bible is still being written. Suppose too, that the difficulty, the hardship along with every challenge the patriarchs face, to include Moses as well, are part of the same story unfolding. Suppose that in 1948 as well as 1967 and everyday in between Israel's story is still creating pages in a book yet written?

If we accept the fact that (and I do) we are grafted into this tribal story what is happening in life, in your life that connects you/us to the pages yet to be written? In other words, is our story a religious story unfolding or a tribal story continuing? If it is the latter, is religion what drives you or trying to survive and overcome life's challenges more pointed in how you tackle each day. Is GOD a part of your humanity or not?

How different in thought are we from the characters/people written about previously and written about over a period of....centuries? What is being written about us, about you and I in this century? Is your family broken like Abraham's was? Do the people in your life struggle like King David did? Is the rejection of Sarah and Hagar a principal emotion in your working world?

I read a book by Elie Wiesel titled, "FIVE BIBLICAL PORTAITS" This book remains one of my most treasured possessions. I should probably order another copy as mine is tattered and falling apart. My beloved friend of precious memory, Charlie Schiffman gave this book to me many years ago. I have read it and re-read it many times. This book showed to me the lives of five men as opposed to the story of five men. I was able for the first time to touch their identities or at the very least embrace Elie Wiesel's reason for writing this book. Five men became life like, alive, tangible, remembered!

All of my life I have gravitated towards the miracle of people not the color or the religion of people. I have looked to appreciate and to promote the best in people as opposed to seeing life filled with rage and hostility. (I had to overcome a life filled with rage and hostility) I am a better person today as a result. I think that what we have done with bigotry and prejudice, religion, and social injustice continues to be something we all have to overcome. Perhaps those who believe in human evolution should consider how our lack of humanity has remained the same? Just because I think this does not mean my neighbor agrees!

I think we remember the patriarchs and their tribal stories because they managed to do something incredible for all of us in service to the reason any of us exist at all. I think too that they overcame much in order to be remembered by many!

So what part of the story are you in?

I am moving away from branding my faith in our Creator in order that I might articulate better why I am here in the first place. I think my story is about people, about doing something for others that is worthy to be written about. Arguing about doctrines and theologies, skin color and failure is a conversation that is endless and serves, in my life time, only division. The teachers can teach, the political world can do politics, the religious world can fight and argue......
Jeff is going to do people! I am going to put them on my radio broadcast and ask them to share their story.

The Biblical story of Israel is still unfolding, so too, is ours. 
Which means our Creator is recording everything and choosing others to write it all down.


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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Broken Marriage in the Garden of Eden hurt all of us!

I have been thinking for much of the week about Skip Moen's presentation last weekend. I also read a couple of articles reflecting on the so called "Heresy of Skip Moen" I readily dismissed the articles but they represent exactly what I have been digesting for several days. When Skip was pointing out via the "Biblical Text" itself the dysfunction operating with in the relationships of the patriarchs as well as Adam and Eve I could see the same dysfunctions operating today. (I was going to make a video about all of this but my software is not working, go figure?)

I stopped arguing doctrine and theological absolutes last year. In fact, I moved away from the argument all together. I cannot embrace the conversation having to do with racial inequality or religious segregation due to theological differences as well. I see one gigantic family broken for centuries. Like many issues within my own family I see the inability to communicate, to find common ground, to forgive and to work through pride issues, injustices and differences in opinions. These failures dictate most of the outcomes that are not favorable to or even in step with the compassion of GOD.

I am faced with a bit of a dilemma because I am not moving towards a Kumbaya mindset (although, "Come by Here My LORD" is not such a bad request)....I am instead trying to take the entire "Un-Coloring Race" mindset that is intrinsic to who I am and broaden the concept by way of simply encouraging that we start dealing with our dysfunctions towards one another with in the believing community. I have no idea how to accomplish this but I do know that we all are practicing dysfunction more than we are practicing compassion......

Skip Moen created an entire area of thought when discussing the dysfunction with in the BODY of the ancient families
He also made clear the enemies of our CREATOR who worship death.

Me, I am part of the Body of life. God did not create a religious manner to know him but rather a relationship. I am beginning to realize that we simply do not know how to let go of the dysfunctions in order to participate in the relationship offered. The beauty is in knowing that GOD'S examples have not changed.

I think Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob eventually realized the freedom in returning to GOD's purposes and GOD'S reasons and GOD'S design and proper function of why we exist in the first place.

So, in conclusion, I have had to ask myself, 'Jeff, what is your function in the Kingdom and where is your dysfunction preventing you from a better relationship with the King and his family?"

This is what I have to address. I think I began to understand this last year when Pastor Mark Biltz asked me, "Jeff, how many sheep attack the wolf?"

When reading the articles calling Professor Moen a heretic I felt sorry for the writer! Again, I think too, that my book, "Un-Coloring Race" is intrinsic to who I have always been. I remember as a child crying over the abuse that was all around me. Whether watching it portrayed on television or with in my neighborhood......
I think people are AMAZING. I also think we have lost the ability to embrace AMAZING!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FPIW News Update (Repeal Dudes in the Ladies room Insanity)


Today, a campaign committee called Just Want Privacyannounced its formation and intention to run an initiative that will roll back the Human Rights Commission's open-bathroom rule.  

Joseph Backholm, chairman of the Campaign, explained that the public is very uncomfortable with the new rule. 

"Our polling indicates that more than two-thirds of Washingtonians oppose this rule.  The public is particularly uncomfortable with the idea that their children would be forced to share locker room facilities with people of the opposite gender in school."

But he said the first step is ensuring they have the ability to be successful.

"A successful initiative campaign is an incredibly difficult task.  That is why, before we file an initiative, we need to raise $100,000 and identify 1,000 volunteers who will help gather signatures.  This is truly a case of the people versus the special interests, so we need a lot of people to become part of this effort."

Angela Connelly, President of the Washington Women's Network, and spokesperson for Just Want Privacy, said that overturning the open bathroom rule is a women's rights issue.  "We stand completely against the HRC mandate which puts women and girls at risk for sexual assault and opens the door, literally, to those who want to abuse.  Every human person has the human right to privacy and safety."

Kaeley Triller, a survivor of sexual abuse, noted that the new bathroom rule is already being used by men to gain access to places they have no right to be. "For those of us who are survivors of sexual assault, locker room environments are traumatic enough already.  But the law should not protect the right for someone with male anatomy to undress next to me.   We must fix this rule." 

You can help Just Want Privacy identify 1,000 volunteers and raise $100,000to launch this campaign at

Then encourage your friends to do the same by sharing this on social media and visiting the Just Want Privacy Campaign's Facebook page

267,000 valid signatures must be turned in by July 8th or else the public's voice on this issue cannot and will not be heard.

If you have any questions about the campaign, you can call the Campaign office at (425) 409-8186.

Standing for Safety and Privacy,

Family Policy Institute of Washington

Family Policy Institute of Washington
16108 Ash Way, Suite 113, Lynnwood, WA 98087
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Why Practice Separation?

I continue to revisit mentally what was really the capstone of last weekend...Biblical Dysfunction and how this is what is handed down. I am going to make a YOU TUBE video after I get my son and his family off to the airport this morning.....

Dysfunction is why I do not:

Why I do not jump on the bandwagon about "Black Identity"
Why I do not argue position anymore
Why I have promoted with disagreements many, many people, some are listed below

Bill Cloud
Rico Cortes
Daniel McGirr
Tony Robinson.
119 Ministries.
Mark Biltz.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Rabbi Shalom Arush
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Joel Richardson
Valerie Moody
God's Learning Channel
Jim Staley.
Holissa Alwine
Skip Moen
Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel
Sondra Baras
Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith
Dave Matthews.
Rabbi Itzhak Shapira
Ahuvah Chana Baht Yah
Trina TiTi Ladette Cleveland
Peter Thalhofer
Frank Seekins
Greg Silverman
Brad Scott
Laurie Cardoza-Moore.
and so many, many, many people...I see Family not doctrine
I see the Un-Colored, Un-Ashamed-Un-Broken Kingdom of God being regathered.

I see GOD taking us out of the dysfunctions that we have inherited. Professor Skip Moen helped me to better define the lies inherited.........

I will always speak against racism, bigotry, religious separation, religious doctrines and theological absolutes that destroy relationship. I am not a religious person but rather a "Kid of the Kingdom"

It is not possible for me to see the Biblical STORY from a Catholic or Christian Paradigm anymore.....simply not possible!

Have an amazing day
Jeremiah 16:19

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The Washington State Human Rights Commission is INSANE!

"If YOU do absolutely NOTHING, then absolutely NOTHING get's done"

On the subject of Trans-gendered people using public restrooms.

(Let me say that based on where I come from)
On the subject of mentally challenged individuals using public restrooms, high school showers and locker rooms for the opposite sex.

Please, if you are against this insanity being pushed on our society call/contact your legislators now

Thank you to Family Policy Center
for the work you are doing on this issue

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Family dysfunction was born in Eden

I have received numerous phone calls thanking me/Nathan for the Skip Moen conference. Many saying they were still digesting the last session which most spoke about. As I have spoken with Christians, Messianic believers, Torah Based individuals, and Hebrew Roots believers what I have actually done is listened to people rather than religious positions! I could hear better "My family" in everyone of their thoughts and comments

This conference connected me to two things:
1) The dysfunctions that thrive throughout the "Tribal" generations. We are simply another one living in 2016
2) The name we are given, the name we create for ourselves, and becoming the person GOD intended is life's challenge.

I continue to distance myself from religious, theological, and doctrinal interpretive concepts of the Bible. Preferring instead to just be a part of the story unfolding which has everything to do with embracing just how much "PEOPLE" mean to GOD!

Jeremiah 16:19 most assuredly has a more precise meaning for me after Professor Moen shared the dysfunctional relationships that were fostered from Adam until this very moment.
We have all inherited brokenness, rejection, lost identity, rage, and lies that are generational moving through the story of what men and women have lost.

Listening to the many phone calls, reading the emails and a few text messages points out to me that being connected to people and working through our dysfunction is a worthy place to serve. Religiosity, Doctrinal Divisions, and Rejection of one another is simply practicing the lies that we have all inherited! One gigantic family embracing pride, chaos, and division born in the Garden of Eden with the first husband, and the first wife.
I don't want to partner with their failure anymore! I get it, I hope many of you did too!

As soon as I receive the pictures taken from the conference I will be doing something with them...just not sure what that is!

Thanks again to everyone who attended and helped out
Recommended reading:

Jeremiah 16:19 LORD, my strength and my stronghold, my refuge in a time of distress, the nations will come to You from the ends of the earth, and they will say, "Our fathers inherited only lies, worthless idols of no benefit at all."

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Friday, February 12, 2016


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Thursday, February 11, 2016

ME TOO by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Me Too
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down. Psalm 145:14 NASB

All – Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see this happening in my world. I don’t see YHVH sustaining those who fall and raising up those who are bowed down. I see chaos, agony, oppression and abuse, both personally and socially. I see the good ones taken advantage of and the bad ones prospering, or at least getting away with it. Even my personal experience challenges David declaration. When I fall, I fall. When I am discouraged, downhearted, rejected, no one arrives with good news for me. Maybe David is only providing a wish, not a statement about reality. Maybe he is one of those “friends” who tells you, “Things will be better in the morning,” when you are certain that they will notbe better.
Or maybe the translation is wrong.
First we should notice the group David has in mind: kol, a Hebrew word occurring 5400 times in the Tanakh usually in relation to the following noun, but in this case, in the absolute form (by itself). David certainly has everyonein mind. No exceptions. He isn’t writing about the righteous or the holy ones or those who deserve comfort. He’s writing about every single person on earth who fits the description, hanoplim ve-hakpupim.
But that’s the key to understanding David’s apparently outrageous claim. The two verbs, naphal (to cast down, to fall, to fail) and kaphaph (to bend, to submit oneself [Niphal]) are both participles. It isn’t those who “fall” or those who “are bowed down.” It is those who are falling and those who are being bowed down. David isn’t claiming that God rescues all who are at the bottom. He is claiming that God sustains and raises up those who are on their way to the bottom. That helps a bit, but even this doesn’t seem to correspond to reality. We have to take a look at the other verbs, the ones that describe God’s behavior.
The first is samak (to lean upon, to uphold, to support). “Sustains” isn’t the way I would translate this verb. “Sustains” implies maintaining some condition, as in “proper oxegen sustains fuel burn rates.” With that in mind, David could be saying that God keeps the ones who are falling in their state of falling. He sustains them. The verb, however, seems to me to imply that God alters their condition, that He upholds them. In other words, He changes their direction by offering His shoulder to lean on. If we are falling, God is able to turn us around by providing the support we need in our tumbling condition. It’s particularly important that this verb is the one used for “laying on of hands” in the sacrificial ritual. Something intangible is transferred from the person to the animal. The person “leans upon” the animal to remove his condition of defilement. Samak is the verb that describes what God does when we lean on Him. It is also a participle. He is changing our altitude.
Maybe the reason I thought David’s statements were so out of touch with observable reality is because I thought David was saying God’s action was already done. But now I see that David is saying that God is actively engaged in doing something, not that it is finished. He is changing the altitude of all who are falling. Even Paul says the same. We have all (kol) come short of the glory of God. We are all sinners and all sinners deserve death, but God is doing something about that. He is changing our direction.
The second verb is zaqaph. This verb is used only twice in Scripture (the other occurrence is Psalm 146:8). With such a limited range to examine for context, Gesenius suggests that it means “to raise” (literally) and “to comfort” (figuratively). Robert Alter suggests, “all who are bent stand erect.” But how do we know the meaning? TWOT makes no entry at all. We are left to fill in the meaning from the context.
David is writing Hebrew poetry. That means he is employing parallelism. The first idea is repeated in the second idea. So what God is actively doing to provide support for those who are falling is reflected in the second thought. God’s action in the first phrase is explained a second time in the second phrase. “Raising up” is the same as “offering support.” In this case, zaqaph is a synonym of samak. Are you being bowed down? The verb implies distress, submission and subjugation. There’s plenty of that going around. The action of being forced to bow down, whether from external authority or internal humiliation, is like falling. Once initiated, there’s no stopping until the end. Except that God is doing something about this, even while we are falling and being bowed down. We might not see what He is doing now, because right now we are still falling and we are still being bent, but David isn’t saying that God instantly and miraculously intervenes. He is claiming that God is in the processof offering support and comfort. Wait and see.
I feel better about David’s words. I feel better because I didn’t stop with the English and reject them as unconscionable silver-lining wishes. I feel better because God is doing something about my falling and my bending. And someday I will see the results.
Topical Index: all, kol, sustain, samak, raise up, zaqaph, Psalm 145:14

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another gem from Victor Schlatter, (My friend Down-Under)

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February 8, 2016

In this issue

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Hatred of the Jew

Why and When did the Barrage Begin?
Joining an in-depth probe into the “why” of the world’s oldest hatred, the nuances of both Jew and Gentile natures play out in “Hatred of the Jew” with intriguing answers as to the “why”. And finally the notorious serpent of Genesis 3 rounds out the story.

Genetically Modified Prophecies

Whatever happened to all the Sand and Stars God Promised to Abraham?
What the armchair experts predicted in the 60’s would have passed its use-by date by 2012

Nineveh a Parody of the Present:

Biblical Clues on the Rise & Fall of America
Written well before the current collapse

Who Told You that You Were Naked?

From the fall of Adam to the rise of the antichrist.
Traces 2 tracks of thinking from the Genesis 3 on - Hebraic vs. Hellenistic - God or the Greeks!
Nothing has changed since guile in the Garden!

Where is the Body?

Discovering the Church in the Heart of Israel
And discovering a fine line between two blind spots about the Jews!

Showdown of the Gods

"Today’s news won't surprise old Zechariah"
A Global Confrontation of Islam, Humanism and God
A prelude to Islamic Terror, shockingly hitting the press exactly on 9-11.
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There's No Excuse

DENIAL:  Don't
tell me, I don't
want to know!


"There's no excuse" is the title for Raymond Ibrahim's classic exposé below, except there may be an excuse for only four Spim bulletins during our six months of overseas ministry circuit, followed in December by major surgery. Much prayer was answered, but it's a bit hard to put bulletins together on the run, and even harder from an operating table under anethesia!

But we're back for 2016. And who, pray tell, isRaymond Ibrahim? Most of you might note that his surname is Arabic for Abraham, and indeed his heritage is Coptic Christian from Egypt. He was born, however, in the US of Coptic immigrant parents. Fluent in Arabic and English, Ibrahim studied at Cal State University, where he wrote his Master's thesis on an early military encounter between Islam and Byzantium, based on medieval Arabic and Greek texts. He also took graduate courses at Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and is studying toward a PhD in Medieval Islamic history, as well as being theassociate director of the Middle East Forum.

Ibrahim's study expanded from history and theology to politics, current events, Islamist organizations and monitoring Al-Jazeera, noting a parallel between words and goals of 7th Century mujahidin jihadists whom he studied, and that of 21st century Islamic radicals. He maintains that to truly grasp contemporary Islam and Islamism, one must first understand early Islamic history and doctrine.

His early Middle East ethnicity plants him firmly into the advantage of fully comprehending aMiddle East mindset without the added consequence of an inherent subjective fear of a totalitarian system of violence.

Whereas I have been filling overflowing files for future SPIM Bulletins, my frustration is that after 7 months, potential features have either fallen from focus or else followed up by Middle East authors who have already done a far more thorough job than I might have done.

Such are the writings of Ibrahim, who knows like the back of his hand the Middle East in general, and the inclinations of Islam in particular. So here is his no-nonsense contribution to Front Page Magazine on 30 January 2016. And I might add to this intro--unlike most big media manipulation merchants--Raymond recognizesthe credibility of Israel as the only true democracy in the Middle East. And above all, he also tells the truth. Here is the full story:

"No Excuse for American Ignorance on Islam"

"When it comes to the connection between Islam and "anti-infidel" violence, one fact must be embraced: the majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in America are either liars or fools, or both. No other alternatives exist.

The reason for this uncharitable assertion is simple: If Islam was once a faraway, exotic religion, today we hear calls for, and see acts of, violence committed in the name of Islam every day. And if our leaders don't, many of us still have "ears that hear and eyes that see" (Prov 20:12).

It's no secret: Muslims from all around the world and from all walks of life—not just "terrorists" or "ISIS"—unequivocally andunapologetically proclaim that Islam commands them to hate, subjugate, and kill all who resist it, including all non-Muslims.

This is the official position of several Muslim governments, including America's closest "friends and allies," like Saudi Arabia and Qatar; it's the official position of Islamic institutions of lower and higher learning, including Al Azhar, the world's most prestigious Islamic university; and it's the official position broadcast in numerous languages on Islamic satellite stations.

There's little excuse today for ignor-ance about Islam in America. especially for those in positions of leadership or authority.Yet it is precisely they who vehemently deny any connection between Islam and violence. Why?

The most recent example took place on Jan 7. Edward Archer, a convert to Islam, shot and wounded Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett. He later explained his motive: "I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic state. That is why I did what I did."

Yet after showing a surveillance video of Archer in Islamic dress shooting at Hartnett,Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney emphatically declared:

"In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you've seen on the is abhorrent. It is terrible and does not represent the religion or any of its teachings. This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.

Kenney's assertions are either the product of an addled brain or calculated lies. Take your pick, but there are no other alternatives.

If those running the show still don't "get it," the overwhelming majority of Americans have by now learned, in Donald Trump's words, that"there's something going on" with Islam: "You see the hatred. I mean, we see it every day."

"We see it every day" is absolutely correct—hence why those who deny it must either be liars or fools. See "Muslim Persecution of Chris-tians," reports that I've been compiling every month since July 2011, and witness the nonstop violence and carnage committed against non-Muslim minorities living under Islam.) Disagree? See Endnotes at the end of the article.

Still, Kenney's falsehoods and/or foolishness are mainstream. Most politicians—practically every Democrat but also a majority of Republicans—makes the same claims, beginning with U.S. President Obama who insists that the Islamic State "is not Islamic," calls for the "rejection by non-Muslims of the ignorance that equates Islam with terror," and classified the Fort Hood massacre as "workplace violence," despite the overwhelming evidence that it was jihad.

More recently, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admonished us to get aboard the wishful thinking bandwagon: "Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism." Republican leaders like John McCain gushabout how "unequivocally, without a doubt, the religion of Islam is an honorable and reasonable religion. ISIS has nothing to do with the reality of Islam." "Conservative" talking heads like Bill O'Reilley flippantly dismiss jihad as "a perversion of Islam, we all know that." [Do we?]

And so it goes. In the context of the most recent violence and slaughter of Americans at the hands of Muslims—one last December and one last November, both in California—the usual chorus of politicians, media, and others made the same tired claims.

Despite the evidence that the Muslim couple that massacred 14 people in San Bernardino was motivated by Islamic teachings of jihad against the hated "infidel," Obama claimed "We do not know their motivations." Chris Hayes and MSNBC were also “baffled” in searching for a motive. [Amazing:See Endnotes]

To be politically correct when the tentacles of the global jihad are becoming entrenched in America is suicidal

Despite the many indicators that the Muslim student who went on a stabbing spree in U.C. Merced was motivated by Islam—he was described as a "devout Muslim," had an ISIS flag, and praised Allah in his manifesto—"local and federal authorities continue to insist that Faisal Mohammad, 18, carried out the vicious attack because he'd been banished from a study group." [Brilliant strategists, not? !!]

In response, the father of Byron Price, who was stabbed while defending some Merced victims, observed that, "Everyone is afraid to be politically incorrect... it seems like to me we aren't getting the whole story. I just wonder how much of this is driven from way higher up and is politically driven — I just don't know."

It was one thing for America to be politically correct when it existed in a utopian bubble away from all the nastiness "over there." But to be politically correct at this late hour when the tentacles of the global jihad are well entrenched in America is suicidal, literally.

Either way, "political correctness" is a convoluted euphemism that simply means "lying"—bringing us right back to our question and a final observation: It doesn't matter if those running the show are liars or fools, for at day's end, the result is the same: the world's strongest nation lays paralyzed before an existential threat that grows fiercer by the day." Raymond Ibrahim

Ibrahim is a Judith Friedman Rosen fellow at the Middle East Forum and a Shillman fellow at David Horowitz Freedom Center. First published on Jan 15 under the title "Liars or Fools: Which Govern America?"

May we wind this up with a few Endnotesfrom SPIM: Ibrahim has given us anything but islamophobia. Philosopher George Santana nails it best with, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Biblical prophesy says it even more clearly to run-away Hagar long before any concept of Islam was ever conceived:"The angel of the Lord also said to her: You are now pregnant and you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” Gen 16:11-12. That's prophesy and currently history, but hardly hate speech!

In my book, "Nineveh: a Parody of the Present", on Pages 95-97 I quote Dr. Peter Hammond from his own publication, "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam", where he statistically charts changes across any given community by the percent of Islam within the society. That Muslim family across the street can be the finest neighbors one could ever ask for. Yet from that sole ideal family inching upward to 10% Islam statistically creates totalitarian demands including Sharia Law and medieval take-over well past a point of no return. Mark Twain unlocked the human psyche for that mental morass: "It is easier to fool someone than to convince the person that he has been fooled!"

And finally from the Quran itself we can find multiple references that demand the radical Islam of today's jihadist standards--kill the infidels, strike off their heads. And if you can't read Arabic, there are many people who can, to take you to the Quranic demands to wipe out all non-conformist infidels.

A possibly unwitting "Watchman" (Eze 33:1-20)Raymond Ibrahim has done his duty to warn humanity "when he sees the sword coming over the land." May God bless the messenger!

Blessings and Shalom,

Victor Schlatter
South Pacific Island Ministries
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