Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Returning to GOD Means Leaving Where You Are

I have been reading several books by Professor John Walton finally focusing on one in particular "The Lost World Of Scriptures" with D. Brent Sandy. Friends, I have experienced major, life altering paradigm shifts since 2007. I can, without reservation say returning to the "Revelations" and historical reality of HOW GOD is doing everything is not really about returning at all! Rather, it is about LEAVING what has been taught for roughly 1800 years in most churches the world over. 

This is an impossible conversation because we see and have accepted deciphering the scriptures "Darkly" having raised up societies with that understanding and those concepts. I have come to believe that the key to "LEAVING" is, seeing the scriptures through the lens, cultural identity, and world by which they were written. GOD purposed this amazing book, dare I say, miraculous account of what HE is doing into the hands of those people, in their time.
Reading Walton's books, peering into the thoughts and writings of 'much' of Professor Skip Moen's work, embracing what Rabbi Shalom Arush is pouring into the hearts of men about women through his book, "Garden of Peace" (Just to name a few) has undeniably changed the way I see the text. 

And now, Dr. Dinah Dye brings a paradigm shift that ties all of what these men have presented together like rebar steel . In order to return to the ways of GOD one must leave where they are. For me it was the Sunday church and the message that has been a mixture of the truth and the lies for 1800 years. I cannot express in words how I see the Bible today, the nation of Israel, and what God is doing all around me. When you leave what men have raised up you have very little choice in seeing what GOD is doing. When he removes the veil you get to watch him do it!

I am watching GOD, from outside of the church, raise up men who are moving to divide Israel just like the ancient writers, reflecting on their world, which was ancient Israel told us would happen in our world. Israel is born again for countless reasons. One of which is to receive her King who redeems the nations.

I will spend the rest of my life looking for ways to share what is exploding within my spirit. If just one person grabs a hold of this information ever so often and decides to study it through I will have made a difference. That person almost always has to leave the pew and open a book or two

I will never forget Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel standing before the congregation that is El Shaddai Ministries saying, "Israel is kept alive for all of you!" I understood his words in the same way most understand, The sky is blue!

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel on Barack Obama

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