Thursday, December 22, 2016

Helping HaYovel

I remember meeting Joshua Waller several years ago, later meeting up with he and his brother Caleb, at El Shaddai Ministries. I have known about HaYovel for many years. Nathan Grapes (my friend) is heading to HaYovel along with his brother, Jim in January. Consider watching the video from their website:

As I attempt to earn/raise money to head off the PERU towards the end of March, I so understand about funding. The "Body of Believers"...that would be us, is where most of anything being done for the KINGDOM of Adonai is financed. Yes we pray and then we watch Adonai use YOU guys [US] to answer our prayers. This is how it works!

My young friend Levi Schwiethale contacted me last night about helping to support HaYovel. Levi has served with HaYovel several times in Judea and Sumaria supporting the people of Israel and the farmers. I am not sure if Levi is 22 years old yet?...Love this young man!

Anyway, to learn more about HaYovel visit the website and if you are so moved to help them, "Meet The Challenge", reach the Cause Match Goal, open your wallet or purse and help be an answer to prayer $$$$, We did....:)

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