Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Personal Challenge (to my readers)

I have a personal challenge for everyone of my readers

I have said for nine years that I do not see the Bible from a Christian lens anymore. This was never about belittling the Christian but if you read my blog you will realize that prior to the last two years I did a lot of this. I think, if I were to be honest much of the angst, animosity and down right difficulty was due to being kicked out of a few churches because I was discovering TORAH and the Hebraic concepts that are the Bible, I was angry!

More than a few of my closest friends rejected me, & my family calling me a Judaizer, "involved in a cult." I lost every Christian friend that I had come to know over a 16 year period......
My closest friend verbally cursed me, using foul language about my becoming Jewish?

One church greeted my family and I at the door (Sunday morning)saying, We believe that GOD replaced Israel with the church and that what I was asking about was not welcome. This was the church that I was baptized in or a Satellite campus....I soon begun to realize how powerful the concepts of "Replacement Theology" were; a term I was not familiar with (For 16 years.)

The last Christian church I attended, the Pastor said to me, quoting, "Jeff, because you keep talking about the law, learning all of that Jewish stuff I am concerned about your salvation."
(This actually happened?)

I am sharing experiences not throwing any of these people under the bus...please don't go there not my intention or purpose for this post

Well, okay, moving forward. Two years ago I stopped arguing my position and battling the endless fight over doctrine and the right or wrong of it.. Most of Western theology has been on the wrong road for nearly eighteen hundred years, so be it.....

I have been learning Professor John Walton's propositions, reading his books and watching several of his videos......

If I were to suggest to you that the seven days of creation are a celebration of the construction of the first TEMPLE in Time and that the Garden of Eden is a, "Set Apart" place where the Holy of Holy's is, (the midst of the Garden) would you see the Bible from a Christian lens or a Kingdom lens? 

Here is my challenge: Watch all of the following of John Walton: 
(I sent this video to my Pastor, Pastor Mark Biltz)

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