Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Would You Support My Business Idea?

So, just so that you understand: AJKM Productions, my sole proprietorship is trying to do something. I am asking Abba if I can start bringing in guest speakers who support what is being revealed/restored upon his planet in our generation. My focus being those persons reconnecting the TORAH and the Gospels or those people who have ripped out of the Temple Text (Scriptures) the insidious Replacement Theological doctrines of Old and New Testament...in respectable language.....the page of separation found in translated biblical texts the world over.
  • I need a location for every event
  • I need funding for every event
  • I need the costs of plane-fare, accommodations, food, transportation and gratuity considerations
I would absolutely need Abba, Father, to sanction such a business.
Do I know how to run a company, yes I do!

What I do not want is to create another religious event...absolutely not! I want to create a company that promotes Biblical information from its original concepts....
I want to promote information not doctrine!
This is what I am asking my Yahweh for.......

If we do nothing, absolutely nothing will get done!

So far my greatest supporter is Grapes2press, LLC and several folks who regularly contribute to what I do. I am asking Abba (Nathan Grapes and I are simpatico in most of what we comprehend)
to help me better use the business for this purpose in the coming year...

Sometimes I sense that Abba, Father, has not released what I need because of "Protection" from what I cannot see but, I have to do something...

The KINGDOM of YHWH is coming...
How can anyone not be activated?

I have thought about a fund raising site (Click Here) because I do not have a service or product to offer. I tend to think that presumptuous and sort of jumping ahead of my Elohim but I am not willing to rule that out.

Anyway, that's my heart which is always looking to support and serve people....Promoting too, those who YHWH has elected to break down the traditions of men in order that his HOUSE be served (according to his instructions)..Never failing to mention blood shed in order that the covenants of the kingdom be restored for mankind's sake!
(uncoloringrace@gmail.com) Share your thoughts

Thank you

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