Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rico, Joseph, Daniel, Oh MY!

Let it be known...I will be talking with Rico Cortes about his coming here Seattle Tacoma area to do a five day course on The Temple.

Jeff, why on earth would you do this? (You might ask)

Well, because when you step out of a religious understanding of the scriptures and realize a Kingdom reality with Commandments, Statues and Laws or realize the scriptures are "Temple Text" or a book of Jurisprudence (Study of Kingdom Law) and when you realize that the scriptures were written, when they written....ON PURPOSE and begin to understand those cultures, and the ancient system of laws, and social concepts, precepts etc, etc, etc....Your religious mind of the Bible and what it is not communicating becomes apparent...Traditions and doctrines start collapsing! Moreover, you begin to see the template of what ABBA, Father, is doing in our generation...sort of like going to an IMAX film.

This will be a specialize course with a payment required.

Like I told Pastor Mark yesterday, MY HEART is to present the information...not do church!

If we can get Daniel McGirr to come and possibly Joseph Good for a weekend finale.....So be it....
These are the things AJKM Productions is working on.....
My goal is to promote the information and those who share it within a very, very...deceived community

Remember, I do not see the scriptures as a Christian revelation or a religious revelation...Rather, I see them as an announcement of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH, Through the Nation of ISRAEL!

IT TAKES MONEY TO DO THIS and the sanction of my Elohim. I will start making plans and asking for prayer & contributions  (Non Tax Deductible) for those interested in helping me (And Nathan) get to it

(Thanks Pastor Mark Biltz for acknowledging what I do and why I do it.)

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