Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Agree With Anne Elliot 100%

I am voting for Donald Trump, and I have been asked why. This will be my only post on the subject, and I don't plan to have any long discussions about it. I don't love conflict, I don't love arguments, and I DO love my Facebook friends and family too much to debate about politics. However, if you've been wondering, here are my reasons. If you really want to hear me, please look up the Bible verses in your Bible or on your device.

I'm not voting for Trump because I am afraid of Hillary. I fear God, and according to the Bible, He raises up kings and brings them down. He is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

I'm not a fan of Trump's morality. However, I'm voting more on issues than character. I also think that anyone who knows American history will admit that most of our presidents were as bad if not worse, especially when it comes to adultery and womanizing. Very few have a spotless record in this category. For that matter, the kings of Israel had a reputation in this department. It contributed to their downfall, and the Bible calls it sin. However, I'd be naive to think that it isn't happening at all levels of government -- and in American church leadership as well.

I care about getting a President who upholds the Constitution, and I care about certain issues. I haven't seen a 3rd-party candidate with whom I've agreed on these things:

~ Supporter of Israel (Genesis 12:1-3)

~ Constitutional rights, such as religious freedom (such as the right to not vaccinate, which I cannot do for sake of conscience, Leviticus 11). I don't want to have to choose between obeying God or obeying the laws of my country, so I'd like to vote for someone who will uphold my right to religious freedom.

~ Abortion, also known as murder (Exodus 20)

~ Someone who will spur economy with lower taxes and less government involvement in business (Jer. 29:5-7)

~ There is importance to having fair trade partnerships that do not give away the store (country). There is importance that immigration be done in an orderly manner. It is an issue of law and order especially. (Look at Germany and Sweden with their lawlessness in the streets. Now it is coming to some of our border towns.) One of the God-given roles of government is to protect property. The Torah teaches against encroaching on another's property.

~ Wise counselors. I'm impressed with the people Trump surrounds himself with, men of righteous and godly character. This speaks volumes to me, and the Bible says that there is safety in a multitude of (wise) counselors (Proverbs 11:14, 15:22, 24:6)

~ I am not afraid of Hilary, but nor do I want to sit by and enable her victory by refusing to vote for Trump. She has done criminal things, and she must be held responsible for her crimes. Since our government is established by the people (including me), if justice is not served, it's because I didn't do my job to vote for justice.

In addition, a dear and wise friend said I could post this. I hope you will consider these things as well:


There are a few things which need to be compared when looking at Trump.

1. He was raised and lived much if not most of his life as a progressive. He was a spoiled rich kid in many ways. He was a party boy too. What he did is typical in the "popular" secular colleges way back for a hundred years. He did things which seemed right in his own eyes and what pleased the flesh. But in many ways, there is record that as he aged, he began to clean up his life gradually over time. Some of this may be related to his more recent marriage to Ivanka.

2. There is some difference. He was raised with some sense of right or wrong in certain areas. He has had compassion for those who were desperately in trouble and helped them over many years. He has always had a sense of justice, while if others can do it and get away with it because it was technically legal he sometimes took advantage of the legal loop hole because it was there. But if the loop hole was not legitimate and others did it, he was offended - justice was wronged.

3. He was raised to work hard and be personally responsible for getting things done and doing it well. He was proactive in this and raised his children in this. Some of them clearly learned the lesson. For example, Eric Trump. He was not dependent upon others to make his decisions or to fall back on. While he demanded a lot of those who worked for him, he also was kind to the respect that he supervised and understood when wrongful instructions were wrong and helped his employees to succeed.

4. Because most of his life and business was in New York, he understood corruption and its wrongness. He understood multiculturalism and knew how to work within this framework. He was able to succeed and beat the Mafia. He is not intimidated by the baser sort and he wants to clean up the Federal Government of much that has come into play with the Bushes and the Clintons.

5. He understands that nation states are part of the genius of a righteous world as apposed to a one world government controlled by corruption. He has some understanding of the foundations of the Constitutional Government and separation of powers. He talks about the rule of law, which we know has accountability to eternal authority, God's authority -- authority which is above that of the president, congress and the courts. He seems to understand limited government and wants to reduce the executive orders and many of the regulatory matters which stifle business and its inherent ability to natively grow.

6. Whether he is saved or not, at least he made a profession. If he is newly saved, then you do not expect him to understand the scope of this. He may be a new creature, but he has 65+ years of a corrupted mind. There are some possibilities of his change. Example: the President Johnston Amendment which authorizes the IRS to tax any church entity which makes public political positions, He said that he would work to have this overturned as soon as possible. He says he understands the muzzling of the churches which has taken place and believes it to be wrong. By the way, over the past year he has cleaned up much of his speech. He has become offended with Hillary having the J-z and Beyance concert and not being offended the the extremely offensive and vile speech at that concert. Yet if Trump used any of it, she would smear the matter for months. Trump does respect authority. His personal life, at least in business, is said to be much commendable.

Is this enough? Part of the Biblical teaching and the old educative process in our nation was not to spend time speaking about and teaching the ways of corrupt man. We do not need to know how to do it to understand it is iniquity. The Bible says to avoid idolatry. It never teaches about how to worship idols. It rails on some aspects of it, but says to have your mind on God. Keep your focus where it belongs.

Trump has done much good too. That is enough to know. Hillary, I do not know of any good she has done. None at all. I do not know anyone who can expound on this. What more is there to say? Her full objective and practice of life is anti-God, wickedness, corruption, murder (including abortion), and vileness . . . and now apparently idolatry, i.e. witchcraft.


So this is my (Anne's) conclusion:

Since I don't care for any 3rd-party candidates, and since I want my vote to be for someone who can hopefully help expose the evil of the current Washington politicians, and since I actually agree with most of Trump's policies and stands on issues, I am voting for him in good conscience. Meanwhile, no matter who wins the election, it is my biblical duty to pray for that person and show him or her proper respect, while obeying only my KING in heaven.

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