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November 22, 2016

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Hatred of the Jew

Why and When did the Barrage Begin?
Joining an in-depth probe into the “why” of the world’s oldest hatred, the nuances of both Jew and Gentile natures play out in “Hatred of the Jew” with intriguing answers as to the “why”. And finally the notorious serpent of Genesis 3 rounds out the story.

Genetically Modified Prophecies

Whatever happened to all the Sand and Stars God Promised to Abraham?
What the armchair experts predicted in the 60’s would have passed its use-by date by 2012

Nineveh a Parody of the Present:

Biblical Clues on the Rise & Fall of America
Written well before the current collapse

Who Told You that You Were Naked?

From the fall of Adam to the rise of the antichrist.
Traces 2 tracks of thinking from the Genesis 3 on - Hebraic vs. Hellenistic - God or the Greeks!
Nothing has changed since guile in the Garden!

Where is the Body?

Discovering the Church in the Heart of Israel
And discovering a fine line between two blind spots about the Jews!

Showdown of the Gods

"Today’s news won't surprise old Zechariah"
A Global Confrontation of Islam, Humanism and God
A prelude to Islamic Terror, shockingly hitting the press exactly on 9-11.
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What We Might Have Known?

To My Friends Who Are Still Pinching Themselves,

Multi-millions who had an “ear to the ground” KNEW that Donald Trump could NEVER win the election because big Media told them so.  How pathetic can you get when a fumbling foray of self-styled sleuths and homemade analysts proffered their puny opinions of ”why” on every cause from economics to a vacillating FBI that predicted the problematic as impossible!  Or was it perhaps the fluoride in the water!

One informative key WND article that surfaced was: “The Biggest Losers of the Election Besides Hillary.”  It gave a simple answer--the MEDIA !
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And then there was a handful of us who had our antennas tuned into a frequency a tad higher than ground level, who sensing otherwise, were not surprised at all with the real results.

One was Evangelist Franklin Graham who certainly got it right.
URL:http://www.christianpost.com/news/franklin-graham-media-god-factor-election-outcome-171437/  Graham saw clearly that the media didn’t comprehend “the God factor”, which was prayer and God’s answer to those prayers that pushed Donald Trump and Mike Pence over the finish-line, pulling off the “biggest political upset of our lifetime”.
Then there were those God-fearing Israelis in Jerusalem, along with their Christian counterparts gathered for an unlikely combined prayer event during the voting frenzy.
Elsewhere 90% of American Evangelicals lifted parallel petitions for participation in Swamp Drainage. A must see is a tell-all graph of divine intervention when the ominous red and blue horizontal lines CROSSED at the precise time that volumes of prayer were ascending.

Amazing! Yet this was hardly a measurement of the manipulation of man, but the response of a Gracious God.
Another vital dimension was the prediction of certain Jewish sages. Biblical Gematria clearly predicted a coded “president trump” across Biblical pages. Then one other quite independent Kabbalist Rabbi--after a 3-day fast and prayer--gave a clear linkage of this Election with the 6-Day War of June 1967 that was an earlier jolt to the premonitions of the people. Two decades previously had been that parallel 6-Day War shocker that was impossible to happen, but it did anyway!   
See: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78614/trump-victory-aided-three-day-fast-major-kabbalist-rabbi/?utm_source=Breaking+Israel+N
An over-much "religious mentality" may find many of us far more Hellenistic than Hebraic, presuming an American election that might afford a sanctified replacement like a new Billy Graham or perhaps son Franklin.  Not so fast!

As with pagan King Cyrus (Isa. 45:1) or an even less-likely prickly Nebuchadnezzar, (referred to as “My Servant” three times in the book of Jeremiah), both of whom in lieu of a high-powered halo, served the need of the moment with a good house-cleaning or even a helping hand for a new Temple!

It figures that a fed-up America has instead elected a fiery janitor with a Big Broom for those horrendous halls of idolatry, not to mention an even Bigger Bucket and a Monstrous Mop for the infamous Swamp of Corruption.

And that’s not all for the cry-babies who have no clues how to handle those demeaning decrees of their defeat.  They are popping up like poison mushrooms all over the place who worship at the feet of those Twenty-first Century Ba’als, and who know nothing of hardship, humility, sacrifice or obedience.  And there is one more must-read!  If you download nothing else, check this one out: 

And there would be even much, much more from that Hand that Holds the Cosmos and the Rod that Rules the Nations:
”Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD! Psalm 118:26

Blessings and Shalom,
Victor Schlatter, 
Director South Pacific Island Ministries, Inc.


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