Monday, November 14, 2016

And Jesus said, "Take the wheel!"

So, I shared with someone a few of the costs involved in bringing Dr. Dye to Washington State to hear her speak, teach etc, etc! Their reaction was "You struggle financially, how can you afford to do this" (No, it was not my wife)

I responded: 
If we do nothing, then nothing get's done!

To see Christians returning to an Hebraic understanding of the scriptures and to see Jews reading the New Testament or Brit Chadasha (Many for the first time in their lives) is remarkable. To know that thousands of Muslims and Arabs are wanting to know more about the Torah and the Gospels is something to cherish.

The information pouring out of people who are studying from an original scriptural context is a visible miracle, in my eyes! A long, steady, on going, gathering of lost information picking up momentum, globally is OUTSTANDING! The information being released is, in my opinion, announcing the Messiah, preparing people to look again, to think Prepare!

If I relied on what my wife and I have to do this, none of it would happen!

This to me is not about Christians and Jews...It is about the Restoration Of All Things..
Money will never buy this.
Our system is based on money however, what Abba, Father, is doing is not! So, I do what He is doing and trust that He will send those who want to learn and who want to participate....and who help pay the bill :)

How anyone can be just be a bench warmer, in this hour is beyond me! 

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