Monday, October 31, 2016


Zechariah 9:9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion, Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem; Behold, thy king cometh unto thee, He is triumphant, and victorious, Lowly, and riding upon an ass, Even upon a colt the foal of an ass.
Matthew 4:17 From then on, Yeshua began to preach and to say, “Return to GOD, for The Kingdom of Heaven has come near.”
John 12:15 "Don't be afraid, daughter of Zion. Behold, your King comes, sitting on a donkey's colt

In 2007 I heard a voice speak to me saying, "Because they do not know why I was Jewish, Go learn why I was Jewish" I took the voice to be from Abba, Father. About 30 days later my eyes were opened to the Bible in ways that I did not understand. I see the scriptures as a book of Jurisprudence or the study of the Statutes, Commandments and Laws of how the KINGDOM of Heaven , The Kingdom of God is constructed. The doctrines of Christianity were wiped from my mind faster than you can blink! I no longer see the biblical account as a religious, church, experience but rather an historical account of how GOD is revealing who he is, how he is and what he is through...ISRAEL!

The reason I follow the TORAH Portions, Haftorah, the Biblical Festivals and study the Biblical text from an Hebraic mind including, Paleo Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, the Ancient Covenant Legal systems as well as the layers and layers of Biblical facts pouring back into this earth is because these help me to further understand KINGDOM Protocol.

The entire Bible was written with these concepts, societal norms and cultural integrity during various periods of the history of Israel and the ancient nations prior to the birth of Israel. The reason I honor Rico Cortes, Daniel McGirr, Ryan White, Dinah Dye, Mark Biltz, Tony Robinson, Holissa Alewine, Bill Cloud, Brad Scott, Jim Staley, and so many, many, many others is because.....
They have helped me to understand what I experienced in 2007.

I have never purposed to offend anyone but rather tried to decipher, over the last several years what I was shown. I have done this in a racially divided, biblical illiterate, antisemitic, pagan culture radically deceived about our CREATOR!.

Nevertheless, I see what ALMIGHTY GOD is doing! I see why he created all of us! I understand what Israel is, and I absolutely know that Mochiach is soon!

I see the beginning of the legal system of the Kingdom of GOD soon to cover this earth. Within the deepest part of my spirit, I see clearly the restoration of all things happening, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is soon. This is why I want to bring Dinah Dye, Rico Cortes and so many many others here. I am sharing the good news (Besorah) through these people who study the scriptures from a non religious perspective and who share the KINGDOM Commandments, Statutes, and Laws with a world plagued with lawlessness, death, and destruction. And if I have to do it out of pocket then so be it!

Abba, Father please help me to do it. I will spread your BESORAH. I will promote those people that you have chosen to reconnect the TORAH to the GOSPEL while the world rebels against your kingdom

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