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My perspective based on a post by Tony Mark Anthony (who I so appreciate) ie, Black Hebrews

Tony Mark Anthony Jackson
At one point in time, I un-friended people(Torah walkers) that went against the common narrative of what happened in Nazi Germany... I was aghast and dumb founded at the opposition to the popular narrative within the believing community... It wasn't until I KEPT seeing, that what I believed to be false reappearing from time to time from people that I knew were well studied. I decided to put emotion aside and (Study To Show Myself Approved) sans emotion of the popular story line... THIS IS PART OF THE GREATER CON GAME BEING PLAYED ON THE WORLD AT LARGE.
As we walk in our faith, we discover the pagan origins of popular holidays masquerading as Biblical concepts or festivals and we put them aside, with much grief. Then we discover that Jesus was from the tribe of Judah and we start doing Jewish Stuff...(Sadly many stop there as absolute truth) and we adopt what we think are the ancient paths only to discover (if we keep walking) that much of that comes form Babylon Talmudic Rabbinic Judaism (and more people fail to keep studying)... We fail to study any aspect of what remotely challenges our belief system(s) and do not see the intertwining of the secular and spiritual when it comes to psychology.
All that to say this. A large portion of the people that were shipped to the Americas via the Trans-Atlantic slave trade were of the tribes of Southern Kingdom of Judah which consisted of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. (So says The Library of Congress, Emory and Duke University,
and common knowledge of many grade schools and above in Africa.) I have heard many say Africans were selling there own people. This is not true. Some particular tribes were selling Hebrew tribes because they were encroaching on lands that were not theirs. The Southern Kingdom had moved from northeast Africa (which is still Israel and hence it's renaming to the Middle East to confuse the issue) after the Temple destruction in 70 A.D. into most all parts of Sub Saharan Africa.... African's today are actually astonished that we don't know this...

FAST FORWARD TO NOW... The descendants of the slaves have no clue as to who they are because it has been drummed out of them... yet the mandates of Deut 28 still apply... and they (We) wonder why all this crap keeps happening(???). Portions of The Northern Kingdom were already here prior to Columbus' great, great grandparents even being conceived.. Again still accountable to Deut 28... To my knowledge NOT one grade school, elementary school or high school teaches this. The archaeological, anthropological, and many other areas of science attest to this truth as well as The Bible before the removal of many of it's books...

No amount of marching, picketing, crying, fighting, looting, or voting will change anything until recognition of the covenants of the forefathers comes first, then walking in the Ancient Paths per Messiah.... all are welcomed to participate.
This is NOT knowledge to push a BLACK agenda... many are discovering this.
I do not apologize if this upsets... It upset me for a period of time. Go do the work.... Look for witnesses (2-3), and make sure it lines up with what is written. I did (two plus years of actual study of both sides of the coin.)
If you have to ask, why this matters, please question yourself...

My perspective:
Years ago I read Rudolph Windsor's book "FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU" Along with Chancellor Williams book "THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION" I also read two books by Frank Snowden Jr. "BEFORE COLOR PREJUDICE & BLACKS IN ANTIQUITY" over the course of the last 20 years of my life. In addition, I read a book about the names in the Bible that are African based, purposely changed to reflect a non black Jewish identity or Hebrew identification...changed once again by the Christian translators to reflect a more anglo-saxon, non Hebrew connection. (I cannot remember the name of that book.)
I also studied the ancient Cushite, Nubian, and the 35 Egyptian dynasties including the Hyksos (Asian) conquering of Egypt...a cursory look to be sure. (I am not versed in any particular area of study. I just look at the abundance of history as more a fascination but know history!) This was all inspired by Rudolph Windsor
The FACT that much of ancient Nubia, Ethiopia and eventually Egypt was dark skinned people including many Hebrews due to the Kingdom of Solomon is just that...fact!
Nevertheless and , as, Tony correctly points out Devarim 28 applied then as does it apply today.
I decided to look at the Kingdom Protocol of Yahweh. Not the color of skin, historically or ethnically. I decided to see what the curses caused. I decided rather than to justify the history of black skinned people, I would focus on the history of why God created people, the concepts of Kings & Kingdoms, Statutes of governance, Royal Messengers, and Torah which is foundation for the gospels.
Albeit, it is very painful to not enjoy the company of other blacks, particularly in the Northwest and particularly those of Christian identification who would reason actual history as opposed to socially engineered history by both church doctrine, Rabbinic revisions and governmental rewriting of history.
My issue with blacks folks trying to justify blackness and a sort of historical rite of passage…simply goes back to the issue of, “Lost Identity” which originated in the family of Adam due to the fall of humanity. I think a greater service is accomplished when we study why we are here in the first place. Our function and purpose should, in my opinion supersede race, ethnicity, and so called “Multiculturalism” all of which simply magnify division…..
Do I think people should study history…ABSOLUTELY! I think more important is that we understand the cultural integrity of "Scriptural Truth" as opposed to religious demarcation. If we believe in the Creator and consider the world before Abraham...the Creator chose this man to do something in the same way he created Adam to do something. Is this not your reason for being here too?
Rudolph Windsor taught me that Israel was not a white race of people but a Nation full of a variety of people.
My curiosity/question is, why Adonai, did you bring back the "Jews" carted off to Rome 2000 years ago in 1948 who have kept the writings of Moses as a back drop to their very existence?"…The Black communities, Hebrew or otherwise, scattered all over the world, did not do this as a prerequisite to keeping your Biblical truth relevant? 

(added) Is the final en-gathering of Israel a colored people or a created people?

Addendum: My constant consideration is this: Are we in covenant with the Creator or not? I could care less what color your skin happens to be or your ethnicity, Then or now! 

I do think "History" helps better define why we are here in the first place. Nevertheless to genetically discount what is happening in Israel during our generation is akin to de-ligitimizing the people who are rebuilding Zion......

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