Friday, October 21, 2016

Gonna Try a new Idea!....

So, while I have a minute or two: I am looking to use a church on Saturday afternoon (I have a place in mind and the Pastor is open to my idea.) I want to create a place for fellowship, light heart-ed gathering of people who want to study specific biblical stuff.

For example: I have asked Dr. Dinah Dye if she would come and share her reason for writing her latest book over the course of two days. Dr. Dye is excited to do this. I have spoken to Rico about coming and sharing for five days on a few subjects.. (CLICK HERE) I would love to have Daniel come too!

My idea: A very small, more intimate setting for those believers who simply want to do/learn more in service to "THY KINGDOM COME"

I do not want to engage in religious conversations but rather discuss Kingdom facts and historical precedent concerning scriptural continuity about what Adonai is doing...still doing! [As he prepares to enter physically enter this earth...(lets look at the back story.)..
I would like to start all of this with Dr. Dinah Dye discussing why the Temple of God exists beyond a surface look.

Most important to me is to have people...not Hebrew Roots, Christian, One house, Two House.....OMG!!!!!, Just people sharing :)
Maybe film a few gatherings, interview a few people on video, live-steam, bring a group of Young People together to film a discussion etc, etc

Maybe we will just gather to help a family of individual or widow and orphan or needy children...What I do not want is to do "Church!"
We all have our respective churches/ministries..I am not wanting to create another one...


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