Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Where Does Black America's Responsibility Begin?

I watched this video and found myself pissed off...Here is why!
They do not address black gangs killing black people. They do not address black women being objectified in black music. They completely ignore the lack of responsible fathers. These people with all of their fame, fortune and talent do not address those black Americans who rob, steal and kill. They do not address those men and women who pull out guns to shoot cops while being stopped for a traffic violation. They do not address black Americans selling drugs to black children, using black children to shoot other black children for money. These people do not address the lack of parenting and stability many inner city children within black families are raised in. These people do not talk about the curses found with in the scriptures concerning the godless activity fostered by a lack of accountability, and personal responsibility...None of these people address the generation of black children aborted by black parents....You people skip and jump through racism as though you are all victims.....while at the same time make our responsibility someone else's obligation........Bad cops and bad people live everywhere!

And finally, none of these people address the good, wonderful, professional, police officers, black, white or other, who are certainly the majority and who want to go home to their family after dealing with some of you idiots running around our neighborhoods.

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