Monday, September 12, 2016

The New Kids on the Block (The Torah & Gospel become one)

I was holding my grandson last night shortly after giving to him a bottle. I was trying to get him to burp. I took notice of how helpless he truly is. He is not able to hold his head, hands, arms and legs. He is constantly moving, eyes darting from place to place as he focuses on various objects around him.

I began to think about all of the notes and comments left by folks on Facebook. Comments posted by my good friends Rico Cortes, Daniel McGirr and so many, many others expressing varying degrees of disappointment based on the many contentious, rude and un-adult like attitudes so frequent within social media, within our community. As I was watching my grandson flailing about with motor skills not developed I saw the Torah based,Gospel totting body of believers as sort of an infant body of people growing, developing.

Something occurred to me a few weeks ago. None of us existed during the reign of the Nazi party and Hitler. Millions within the Christian community were not pursuing Torah. The motto of "Replacement Theology" was not being challenged. The Rico's, Biltz's, Scott's, McGirr's, Cloud's, Dye's, Alwines, Moen's, Shapira's and Staley's to name a fraction of individuals.... did not exist.

The Jewish people had defenders but nothing like today.

So, while watching my grandson I started comparing who we are as a people to this infant child. We are young, undisciplined, varying degrees of mobility, the world is full of wonder, curiosity and challenges to us
My grandson has not developed the ability to verbally communicate his thoughts. When he is hungry or when he needs a fresh diaper he lets all of us know based on the only method he has......whining, crying, and throwing a little baby tantrum daily!

All the while I am thinking this, I am holding him, taking care of him, nurturing him, loving this child. He does not know me beyond his ability nor does he need to protect himself or defend himself. He simply is not able to comprehend those experiences.
Nevertheless, he is growing based on who is providing for him.

This is how we are in the arms of our Elohim............
We have been presented with the TORAH and the Gospel with the mind of GOD as opposed to the mind of the church fathers. GOD is raising up in this earth a people who did not exist 60 years ago.

ABBA, FATHER, knows what he is doing with us. We are still his children and we have many elder brothers and sisters......

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