Friday, September 9, 2016

My horrible experience with TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR


True Care Auto Repair  2313 104th St Ct S, Lakewood, WA

Addendum: My wife paid 372.00 yesterday to have the four o-rings replaced to the fuel injections on our four cylinder pick up truck. They were not replaced when TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR had to remove them in order to remove the was torn. This is the one that was failed....In fairness to TRUE CARE, the Head Gasket repair seems to have solved the initial far! We took our vehicle to a well established company.

TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR'S website is vary attractive for the business location however, it is not what you see on the website nor are the pictures representative of their actual shop CLICK HERE

Our Story
On August 17, 2016 (A Wednesday) I took my 1997 Toyota Pickup truck to True Care Auto Repair. I was initially greeted by Gloria at the sales counter. Gloria is very charming, very likeable. Gloria represented to me that she was a recent hire and that she and Mike (The owner) were dating. She also said to me that she left her position as a pharmacy technician in order to help out with the business. Gloria, who is a transplant from New York (like myself) introduced Mike as the owner.

I shared with Mike that his business was listed with BIZ X ( this is how we heard about True Care Auto Repair. I also shared a certain reluctance on my part using another BIZ X business in their auto repair listings. I expressed to Mike and Gloria that we were looking for a reliable business.

NOTE: I received a demand from Michael Torres on 10-3-2016 to remove his picture from my blog which I did. I also received the following emails from Mr. Torres: 

Michael Torres

Michael Torres
2:36 PM
what does the business have to with uncoloring race seems to me you made it that way and used your soapbox for a personal vendetta

Nothing about anything that I have written is personal...I simply wrote about my experience, on my blog, trusting what turned out to be a very unprofessional company that I will never use again. (Thought to share the experience with my readers.) I have had subsequent work done on my vehicle related to TRUE CARES poor work done. I am also have another issue related to the Head Gasket replacement that this company said they fixed....

Out of the blue, so to speak, Mike began to share with me about his brother who was stealing from the business and that they were on the other side of that problem now that his brother was no longer employed with True Care….? He also shared that he had an excellent mechanic now on site and that things were turning around for the better. His sharing all of this information should have been a warning sign to me. I had never met Mike before nor was I really there to hear about their internal family/business issues.

My employer suggested using BIZ X and that he would pay for the balance. We use the vehicle for work from time to time…A generous offer to be sure. This is how both my employer and I came to know about TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR.

I am a former business owner who operated both restaurants and a Plumbing and Drain Cleaning service for many years in Portland, Oregon. I also developed and taught “Customer Service Excellence” a seminar teaching companies on how to create a dynamic that elevates excellent communication between the customer and the business. The seminars were designed to guarantee excellence of service. What I personally experienced at TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR never reached any level of customer service. Hence, the reason I am documenting my experience now. I hope to warn other consumers looking for value, good service, honesty, integrity and above all, satisfaction. You will find none of these business practices at TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR.

On August 18th I was told that my vehicle was suspected of having a blown head gasket. I approved the work based on the information given as well as the estimate provided. I requested of Gloria to send (email) the estimate to my employer, which she did. I have that copy in front of me as I write this.

I stopped by later in the day to drop off the preferred synthetic oil that I wanted placed back into the engine. At that time Mike, along with his Mechanic walked me through the process saying they had to send out the “Head” for cleaning and to make sure it was not cracked. They expected to have it back by Friday. Mike also said, “We should have your truck ready Wednesday or August 24th. I received a call later in the day saying the “Head” would not be ready on Friday but possibly Monday or Tuesday of the following week. So far, good communication, understandable delay, no problem!

I did not hear from TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR by Wednesday expecting a delay based on the issue with the “Head” I called them on Thursday the 25th for an update. I was told that they were putting the vehicle back together and that the truck would be ready on Friday. I never heard from them on Friday

I called Monday August 29th I was told that they were having a timing chain/belt problem and that they would call me on Tuesday the 30th. On Tuesday the 30th I received no call. On Wednesday the 31th, I called and was told that the mechanic had a family emergency which caused another delay and that he was out of the shop both Monday and Tuesday. Of course, I understood this sort of thing but suggested a phone call would have been appreciated. I was told by Mike, “We are putting everything back together now.” Mike, verbally, on the phone guaranteed the vehicle would be ready on Thursday, I never heard from TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR on Thursday. On September 1, 2016 my employer lodged a complaint with Biz X concerning TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR largely due to the fact that I had to keep contacting TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR for updates. We are now heading into week three, no vehicle! He did this after we both could not reach TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR by phone

Tom Oaks a representative of BIZX contacted TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR based on my employer’s complaint. What Biz X, via Tom Oaks was told by TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR I was never told? The issue they addressed with BIZ X, based on the email response that I have in front of me was not what they were telling me.

I contacted TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR and was told by Gloria that Mike had emergency. I asked to speak with the mechanic trying to find out more about the problem they expressed to BIZ X about. Gloria told me that he was not available.

On Friday September 2nd, I called asking to speak with Mike. Mike proceeded to berate me on the phone due to the exchange between my employer and Biz X. He even said to me,

“Now you listen to me…It took over a week and a half for us to get your “Head” back and that we are doing what we can to get your vehicle completed!”

I interrupted Mike demanding that he address me proper asking, ‘Why did you tell me that you and your mechanic were putting the engine back together if you did not have the head back now that your telling me it took a week and a half and not a couple of days which you previously said. You even told me that you would have my vehicle done as a result a few days after your initial estimate saying, “We got the ‘Head’ back and it is in good shape the week of August 22nd? I accused him of lying to me and to Tom at Biz X…..Mike apologized saying, “I am getting a few things mixed up.” He also asked me to give him an opportunity to get the issue resolved. I said, “I gave you that opportunity on August 17 when I walked into your business for service!”

Mike assure me that he would have the vehicle ready later that day….I never heard from them!

It is now the Labor Day weekend. I contacted TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR on September 6th. I was told that they had the timing issue resolved. I was also told that the vehicle would be ready Wednesday. On Wednesday I did retrieve my vehicle. My employer paid the bill.

Later that evening my daughter used the pickup truck taking her infant son to a friend’s home and to collect a few groceries. She returned saying the truck has an overwhelming gas smell. She also said that she put gas in the truck and that it was almost gone. I went out to see what the issue was if possible. I started the truck and soon realized gas streaming out from under the truck. I was able to determine that gas was pouring down atop the manifold from the fuel injection system, quite dangerous! I could not see where the actual source of the leak was but did see several hoses not connected to various components?

I left a message for Mike at TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR to contact me in the morning. I explained the issue through their answering service (Machine). They never called me back so I called them. Mike thought that I was looking for a bid to fix the cracked exhaust manifold which was not cracked when I took the vehicle to them? Realizing this was not the case Mike said that they would come to my residence in order to “Take care of the problem” This was yesterday, September 8th. I received a call from Gloria at about 2:00 in the afternoon saying (and I quote) “We have been waiting for parts to fix the brakes on a vehicle for five hours and now they sent the wrong parts”

I am wondering what any of this has to do with me. Gloria said, “We need to fix the breaks on the vehicle in order to come to your residence.”

Okay, I am thinking, Huh?

I am not sure if what was wrong with my vehicle initially is fixed or even if what they told me was in fact the original problem? I now have a cracked exhaust manifold and gasoline pouring out of my engine?

It was in that moment I decided I had had enough of TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR! I contacted a more reputable service center not associated through BIZ X asking for help. I explained my situation making arrangements to get my 1997 Toyota pickup truck to their establishment. 

In Summary

I can understand how things go sideways. Why I am writing this letter, taking the time to share the aforementioned experience is because TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR exemplifies dishonesty, poor quality, horrible communication, and inconvenience [on steroids!] Mike, as the owner of this business was undignified, unprofessional and very fluent in explaining several times the excuses offered verses the services offered. This is tedious and may appear to be a rather long, drawn out, complaint. What I hope to accomplish here is simple……

A warning to those unsuspecting consumers, who are looking for help, to avoid TRUE CARE AUTO REPAIR in the same way that one might avoid ISIS or Cancer, or being struck by a speeding train, or run away semi-truck!

If you read this and decide to avoid True Care Auto Repair than writing this was worth every moment. Consider it another lesson from my seminars concerning “Customer Service Excellence” Find a company that offers this standard as part of their profitability, and success, guaranteeing your satisfaction!

Thank you

Jeff Morton
Puyallup, WA.



Michael Torres said...

when you chose to get personal calling me a liar sir you make yourself liable for slander this is what you have done the contact will be from my attourney and you were catcted a total of 15 times reguarding your car over 3 weeks i think that is staying in great commincation

Jeff Morton said...

I have no problem meeting your attorney!