Monday, September 19, 2016

Do you know the Karalashs

Last Saturday evening I was invited to a home fellowship (Bible study) with a group of young people (13) ages seventeen to twenty four in Fircrest, WA. The host family is Russian, quite amazing people!
The parents have four children who conduct this bible study. These children have all grown up learning the ways of God. Not only have they made musical albums as kids (In Russian) but they opened up the Bible study with beautiful worship songs while playing both the piano and guitar...I was truly blessed to be there!

I was there to introduce Ancient Treaty Covenant information. A few of those gathered were familiar with the topic. We were there from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM going through a great deal of information concluding with a few snacks which included homemade sausage, 'OUTSTANDING" (No Pork)

I had a chance to speak with their mother after the bible study. She has a very thick Russian accent. She too, has lots of questions about our topic. This mother, a Godly woman to be sure has placed a smile on my face that has lasted right on up until this post.

We will be filming a follow up discussion in there home this Saturday evening (September 24th). As soon as the edits are done I will be posting the finished presentation all over social media (Stay Tuned)

*Learning about Ancient Treaty Law is as important as is learning the Gospels, based on Torah and How GOD does just about everything.

I need a camera with a tripod stand similar to this type. Funds are tight so if you would like to help us out? Yup, click the Paypal donate tab to the left) 

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