Wednesday, September 21, 2016

About Dinah Dye's New Book

I have promoted just about everyone who is reconnecting Christians back to the "Root" of what Adonai Tsvuot (GOD) started doing when He gave the command:

A friend of mine, Mr. Nathan Grapes wrote the following:

"I have been reading the bible in from the Hebrew text, trying to get a better understanding of the language (I am learning Biblical Hebrew) I find it interesting how basic words are translated into English. A simple Hebrew word can be translated into many English words suggesting a broader definition. 
For example: Deuteronomy 17: 9 says,
"And thou shalt come unto the priests, the Levites, and unto the judge, that shall be in those days and enquire, and they shall show thee the 'WORD' of judgment. [V10] continues: "You shall do according to the decision that they will tell you." 

In these verses the outcome and the decision are the same 'WORD'. The word is debar in Hebrew, it means 'WORD' in its most basic form. So word, decision, and outcome are connected. This makes me think of a judges decision or 'WORD' being the final decision that cannot be over ruled or a King's edict that must be carried out. 

Even today we sometimes say "My word is my bond". When you think about the Torah being a legal document that was transmitted from the King of the Universe to his chosen vassal people of Israel you can see the legal binding force of his 'WORD' 

Consider this, In the beginning when GOD spoke creation his word was like a command of the King. It was obligated to do what it was told. I guess decision, outcome, and word are related words, I just never thought about this. Now that I am reading Hebrew I can clearly see more depth in meaning than is available in English"
I posted Nathan's thought because within Christianity we tend to see a very one dimensional concept of the Biblical text and then a translated attempt to convey a very one dimensional aspect of what is now lacking based on the translation (or Transliteration) itself. Worse is not knowing that any of this has now occurred in both the literature, cultural integrity based on Ancient Near Eastern civilization (when the scrolls we call the Bible where written.) The King has a Temple...Why?

Order Dinah Dye's book CLICK 

Dr. Dinah Dye has produced the first book of a series examining the Temple. Her new book, "THE TEMPLE REVEALED IN CREATION" (which I am currently reading) I made a short video hoping to encourage others to purchase Dinah's book in order to return to a time of meaning that has been lost to most in our generation. God is always desiring of us to return.....
Dr. Dinah's prologue in The Temple Revealed in Creation whisks the reader back to a time when the celebration of what GOD is doing, through Israel, during Sukkot comes to life!

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